The solution for AA, Ordinance, and Sprint

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I just had an epiphany. It just hit me how to make it so that AA’s, Ordinance, and sprint are functional in the next Halo game so that modern FPS players can still use these wonderful additions to the Halo Universe and Classic Halo players and Halo “purists” can be happy as well.

Armour Abilities should function just as in Halo 4 and should be mapped to the up button on the D Pad, Ordinance should be mapped to the left button on the D Pad, and Sprint should be mapped to the right button on the D pad. If it any time during a game a player presses a button on the D pad, their spartan would be struck by lightning, immediately burst into flames, and explode into a million tiny particles. They would then unjoin in progress or UJIP as I like to call it, and be booted from the game. Then due to the wonderful new technology of instant switching on Xbox One, they would immediately be switched to the appropriate lobby within either Battlefield 4, or Call of Duty: Ghosts. Problem solved!

What do you guys think? :wink:

I think this is far from constructive, and ignorant.

Also lolbanned.