The social matchmaking is still a living hell

Got ratioed several games in row or play average. Then I lose another one where I go 23/10 and all my teammates are minus 3, minus 4 and MINUS 9 !! Other team is balanced. Good job. Hidden rank in social is great 343 change nothing ! Everything is great. I want to keep playing your game forever !

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It’s the problem of letting an AI pick teammates for you unfortunately. It’s of a fault of matchmaking in general.

This is why I’m always proactive when it comes to suggesting people to stop relying on it and form your own parties before hand. Because until AI can read your mind when picking people, you’re always going to be playing with a handicap relying on it.


Halo with friend is better we all know that. Thing is all my friends don’t play Halo anymore. Haven’t been for a long time.

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Yep. Match making is doing the best it can with the population it has.

Wider ranges of rank can unravel if the team dynamic is bad. Overall it averages out (some good, some bad), but that doesn’t stop it from being a miserable experience for both teams.

We saw the exact same thing happen towards the end of H5.

Hopefully Forge and then Season 3 reverse the population trend.

Well I just will quit the game too then. I don’t see the point. It is not fun. The game is good but I have never ever felt so attacked for playing a game. MCC to my knowledge. Maybe I’ll go back to it. I don’t know. Halo is the only fps multiplayer I like beside CS. I am a RPG guy. Should have stuck to that I guess.

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You make new friends then to play with. Plenty of websites, forums, discords and so forth to post on that you’re interested in finding people who live in your area to play with. There’s plenty you can do to fix that, and the results will generally make it worth it in the end.

Wish you the best on you’re ventures then…

It’s frustrating for sure. But it’s not personel.

I just don’t make friends online. Too introvert I suppose.

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Well yeah. One should be a complete madman to think it’s personal. I guess “punished” would have been a better word.

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Matchmaking would be better if it was entirely random. Battlefront 2 EA is a testament to this simple fact.

Or Server browser on MCC.

There are many who do.

Quite a few recent post in ranking and SBMM threads here and on Reddit with posters convinced that 343 are deliberately choosing bad team mates to force results.

Better for the top players that is.

And streamers.

Not so much for lower ranked players or new kids on the block.

Fun fact i played with a kid recently on mcc he said infinite’s matchmaking is too hard and sweaty for him and would rather play mcc matchmaking and test out new maps and modes that the mcc forge scene works on as he finds that more enjoyable

Also on an unrelated i found it kinda strange that the kid wanted to test out modes with some of the people i met through the discord and played with but it goes to show that mcc does a way better job attracting and keeping new kids to halo

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Cool story. At least he’s found somewhere comfy.

Hopefully Infinite can provide something similar with it’s own Forge and custom games.

And that’s the system trying to match him with players of similar skill.

Imagine how he/she would have fared at the mercy of random match making.

They would have been toasted.

Yep. Infinite needs Forge, a custom’s browser, and probably a PvE mode to ease people in.

Agreed also they need to loosen it up the sbmm in social a bit and add a preference system like the older games so people have the option to prioritize connection over getting put into lag ridden matches

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Yep. An individual toggle setting would keep everyone happy.

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Probably not, i have seen enough matches where people in the lower end of the skill distribution and people on the higher end of it still got matched against each other, during peak hours! I have never seen such loose SBMM in a Halo game as in Halo Infinite. It’s the reason i almost never play anymore and probably only will return if there is a realy good prize to win or if they actually fix the SBMM. Now matches are and not balanced and not matching you have people in the area of your skill. I am just sick and tired of matches ranging from low gold/silver to high diamond/onyx.

It won’t since people rather CGB. Until they loosen up mmr and bring back 1 to 50(for ranked) , nothing will change.

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And instead they just keep making it tighter…

… because that is retaining players. /s