The small things... Problems on the new Waypoint.

Before starting, I want to thank 343 Industries and any co-opted staff who re-invented Halo Waypoint, looks very vibrant and fits the next generation theme.
Okay the point of this thread is simply the small things I came across on the forums are… well just small things, but still potential essential for the user friendly community.
So firstly the forums coding systems is done okay, but is missing colors, sizing, underline, url, and possibly other coding strategies which were use prior… I was just wondering if these are going to return in the future, as they gave a poster some differentiation and emphasis in his posts.
Secondly when posting posts themselves the spacing and frankly paragrahing gets jumbled into one giant clump and makes the forum post hard to read, and establish relevant topics… perhaps bring back the separators or fix the spacing issues.

Third and final, is when editing and view ones profile, or at least mine, the forum rank is what seems like japanese even when my region is AUS-English, as well as the number of posts by the user is not visible… and people may hate me for this, but I noticed you had made an error on the promotions for the forums post count… specifically Marine - Onyx requires only 200, same as Marine - Bronze… which if going by the rest it is presumed it would require a 1000 going by the pattern presented.