The Slipspace engine and a waste of 4 years

Knowing that Halo 5 did run fairly well and felt really nice when it comes to the MP why did the dev’s waste 4 years on a new engine that seems like it from 2008. Cool shiny graphics. But when the gameplay isn’t functional was it really worth those ‘Shiny’ Graphics.


Are the graphics even really that “shiny” though? I have to say that I’ve never once felt overwhelmed by how amazing the graphics are and it doesn’t look or feel like the step up I was expecting from a “next gen” game.


Game plays well actually. Personal issues will always be personal issues.


Time for 343’s top defender to make his rounds.


Halo infinite is a downgrade. Idk why they didn’t just release Halo 5 for the PC and make it free to play. It would’ve accomplished the same thing but better


do you have like, nothing better to do lmao


Don’t listen to their “brand new engine” drivel. It’s the same old Blam! with a new coat of paint on it, and due for retirement just like Bethesda’s creation engine.

Don’t see how the graphics rendering pipeline has any effect on the gameplay; what are you referencing OP?


Clearly not. To quote him, it sounds like he has a lot of “personal issues and problems”.


Just thinking to myself about what in this game actually plays well. He must be confusing it with another game right? He can’t be that blind?


I think that the focus on technical capacity is weird… I don’t understand this stuff that well, but maybe changes were necessary to keep up with the modern demand for longer draw distances and higher resolutions and frame rates.

That said, while Infinite clearly has made improvements in those technical ways, I can’t help but feel like the cinematography of it doesn’t measure up. There are so many beautiful beautiful tableaus in Halo 3 and Reach, and practically none of that in Infinite.


I feel the same.

Especially the way they made Masterchief look. I understand “battle worn”, but there is not even one bit of sheen / shine to his armour. It looks extremely dull and non metallic. The worn look is way overdone.

The banshee and ghost seem bland as well.


See the Banished Vehicles I get because they are 90% looted and meant to look matte. But when it comes to chief and the other spartans the coating is just well crap.

“Look how they massacred my boy.”

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I blame part of the problem being they were forced to make the game work on the og xbox one. Hardware that was outdated even when the console was new in 2013 probably wasn’t easy to work with.


I don’t think we yet know whether or not the engine overhaul was good or not.

I like some of the things that were enabled in the campaign, like a huge playable area, and some randomness to the open world. I know the story wasn’t anything ridiculously amazing, but it wasn’t the worst either.

And I think the fact that launch Infinite is playable on XBO generation consoles I think is a very good thing. Halo only benefits from accessibility, and it’s been a great move among the worldwide supply issues.

It seems to me like their live service systems are way too intertwined and complicated though… bit honestly we’ve gotten a lot of small hot fixes since launch so maybe not. The whole system is just a complete enigma lol

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I disagree, I really enjoy the game despite the issues and at least for the campaign there’s a ton of stuff that they couldn’t have done before. We’re also not seeing everything yet. This game will very likely evolve in some huge ways over time and I for one am extremely excited about it.


Going by reports going back through the last few years the old Blam! Engine had accrued quite a bit of “technical debt” - stuff that was quickly fixed when needed and then causing problems whenever anything needed changing ever since. So no matter how you slice it - a major overhaul to the engine was necessary.

There’s still quite a bit of Blam! in Slipspace (same package format for example with the same tag-based system for all the assets). As for other things there definitely were things added when it came to metal materials (which can be seen in the Forerunner structures), support for dynamic loading of an Open World or dynamic time of day (which changes quite a lot for the lighting system). How much of Blam! is still in there is hard to say without access to the source code. One thing is certain - it doesn’t look next gen, which is unsurprising given that it is a cross-gen title that also runs on the old consoles.

Some of these decisions contribute to the “less cinematic feel”. The most important one is likely the dynamic time of day. Quite a few games look a bit washed out around noon-time. In the old games you always had a specific time for which everything was modelled which allowed them to make everything look just right. One thing noted by digital foundry is that enemies don’t seem to be lighted by the dynamic system which makes them often too bright (they were unsure if that wasn’t intentional to make them easier to spot). Some things are simply art decisions (like the amount of dirt and grit on the armor).

In the end I’d assume based on the number of new issues they did change quite a bit from the old engine. So the question is now if they at least managed to make it more easier to work with. The bugs need fixing of course - however if it really benefits their content creation workflows it might have been worth it. We have not yet seen prove of that. And if it doesn’t materialize it might actually have been better to really go with Unreal Engine instead of rolling with their own.

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343i definitely didn’t spend 4 years on the slipspace engine.

Because whether people want to admit it or not, Halo 5 is the least popular Halo. It did well enough and isn’t the worst Halo (looking at you Halo 4). I personally wouldn’t have come back to play more Halo 5 as it just wasn’t the experience I wanted out of a Halo game.

Infinite feels like the sequel to 3 I have been waiting for and sadly it just has horrible optimization issues, 343 seems terrible at time management for some reason, and a very good armor system plagued by a terrible armor unlock system. I personally love the game and hope Halo keeps going down this direction.

[I know it doesn’t run like this everywhere but on my Series X, Infinite feels super smooth and the gunplay feels almost identical to Destiny minus the double jumps (which is a great thing).]

But what are really talking about here? The equipment? The lack of ablities? The maps?

The new maps could be built in forge.
The new maps could also be made for Halo 5 if they chose to do so.

The ablities can be turned off and a whole set of playlists could come out for it.

The equipment could also be be made for it.

That leaves the art style and just the fact that it’s a new title. Other than that I really don’t see why they didn’t expand on what they already had. If everyone is disatsfied now then why not release Halo 5 on PC and make it free and crossplay first? That would make the most sense to me.

Generating hype. Hype generates money. I get it. Even if the game is broken whales are spending on MX. That’s just the nature of it. From a game enjoyment perspective what they are doing doesn’t make sense. From a money making perspective they are right on que


It’s not a new engine.