The slap on the wrist is quite severe????

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Hello My son Kaden12360 was temp. banned from credits and after two days on the phone with Microsoft and Xbox Ref#1181882905 &1181956595 I have found out why but not how long?
First of all Kaden is a special needs child who is 13 with a 3rd grade understanding. we had a modem going Bad and he did not understand why the screen would black out so he would turn off the machine restart and play until it happened again. I have got the Modem replaced and its now working. He and I neither one had any idea this was wrong to do and will not let it happen again. I his father oversee every game he plays to make sure he does not hear offensive language nor foul play due to his disabilities Like asburgers, ADHD Anti social Bi polar etc… I ask you show him some mercy and I will make sure he never does this again.
Thank you Kevin Bledsoe Concerned Father.

I am sorry but no one is trying to help here. I got one response stating no illegal activity. just starting and stopping due the router, and he was getting a slap on the wrist.

HOW LONG does a slap on the wrist for not understanding due to his condition that it messes up everyone in the game??

Didn’t you make a topic regarding this a couple of days ago?

And weren’t you told to wait it out?

There is NOTHING that can done about the automated banhammer.

Your son’s disabilities have no affect on the banhammer at all and listing them here is unnecessary and will not help get your console unbanned. If he was credit banned, the only solution is to wait it out.

Again, the correct place to ask questions about bans is here:

Why did I get banned? The Official Thread