The sky isn't falling. So with data, lets finally put this one to rest

The game is doing just fine. So lets stop using Steam charts to drive biased opinions. When we all know the game plays better on controller, thus causing the bulk of steam users to move back to whatever FPS they were playing prior to Halo dropping.

The TL;DR is that 10% of the tracked users are still engaging with the game weekly. This is down from 30% at peak. With a sample size of 2.5MM players (out of roughly 100MM).

Apparently it currently has 30% more players than Warzone, and just dropped under Fortnight after it got its recent update.

None of this is to say that the player base won’t slowly drop over the next few months while we wait for new maps/content. But this constant drip of “DED GAME” is such a silly take.


I’m apart of the iforge community. I have over 100 of them in my friends list. The people that come online has never reached past 20. On halo 5? Almost all of them were on even years down the line when Halo 5 supposedly died(it didn’t).

The game is dead.



Interesting read thanks. I didn’t know this site existed.

I have no doubt that is your experience, but I’m going to trust a sample size of 2.5M over your list of 100 friends, sorry.

Regardless, stressing over numbers feels like wasted effort for us. Nothing we can really do about it. I’ll just enjoy the game while it has a healthy population, which it seems to have.


Who cares about numbers. Halo isn’t here. If it was all my friends would be playing. If it was people wouldn’t be roasting it like they do know. Take a good look at Facebook. Hundreds and hundreds of people are saying the same things here.

Oh and guess what. I play the game every day. Doesn’t mean it isn’t dead. It is. Because if it wasn’t I would be playing hours on end like I did the last game. And there are a lot of people like me. They log in for a couple of games and dip. They login for challenges and dip. Some of these players even ended up leaving all together.

Are we Ganna say old games like GTA 4 are still alive just because people are still playing it? People will always play. There is enough people in the world where there will always be some type of population in most games. This ofcourse does not mean that Halo infinite isn’t dead. Read the writing on the wall


If you would do some research, you could easily see, that this site is heavily influenced by X-Box / Microsoft. Microsoft officially hides all statistics about exact player numbers, so why would Microsoft allow an “independent” site to show the “real” player numbers?

It is never verified (unlike steam) that these numbers are true at all. It could be easily a marketing strategy of Microsoft to show “real” player numbers on an “independent” website. If there was a leak, that these numbers are not true, Microsoft would not get any backlash.

So short: Microsoft can have a massive influence on these numbers and even manipulate them, if they want to.


Well, the people who have come to a thread to discuss the game’s population with data.

I have to concur with @BlueDevistator, 2.5M people can’t all be wrong. This is as the best of both worlds for me; the feel of other Halo games, with additions that I like that are only present in games outside of Halo.

I’ve seen this same thing happen with all the games after 3, the difference is the amount of platforms it happens on. ODST, Reach, 4, 5 and Infinite’s campaign saw a lot of flak that gets forgotten a few years later. That happens with all games though. I’ll have fond memories of my time with Infinite, but I will also remember how much I’ve criticised it.

Facebook is exactly where I saw this same thing happen to earlier instalments of the games, especially when 343 Industries took over.

Define ‘dead,’ because that to me is when you can’t get any one to play with. Queues are fine for me for any mode. Steam Charts, which uses the Steam API to get the figures in near real-time, shows 20k players peak in the pas 24 hours. Granted, that’s a considerable dip from 256,000 players, there’s no doubt about it. But dead it ain’t.

Again, your experience does not seem to line up with what I would imagine to be a ‘dead’ game. By all means describe its problems; it’s unbalanced, it’s laggy, it’s glitchy, it’s season pass is dire, it’s progression is non-existant, but dead is not the word you’re looking for.

That’s synonymous with practically every service that’s ever existed. Most of them make their money from new users who leave, than loyal retainers. But in video games, it only takes a few so-called ‘whales’ to keep a game afloat, regardless of how many people like you or I complain, and may ultimately quit.

I mean, sure. I’d be willing to find a common ground on a per-game basis as to what is and is not dead based on the amount of people playing it.

So what qualifies Halo: Infinite being dead? Because I’ve not seen any sort of measure that suggests it is.

I prefer reading the data. And hey, if the game dies, I guess you’ve proven your point. But right now it’s still playable. It can still milk a lot of people, and it may do that for a good while longer. Microsoft loves themselves a long game.

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Like I said before, stressing over the numbers is a waste of time. My friends and I still play once a week, and even when I solo que there are no noticeable problems that tend to come with a low population. Call it dead if it makers you feel better, doesn’t bother me none.

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Great explanation. At the end of the day, play the game that you want to play.


To me a dead game is a game that I can’t play without legit frustration. Like no collison, lag, denyc, shot reg. There are some times where I really want to play but then the game craps the bed and brings me down a rank thus wasting my time. Many experience this and will not play until it gets fixed. When I come home to play halo and I can’t play. It’s dead. Simple as that.

Now on to the content. Even when the game works there isn’t anything to do. There is only so much I can play in ranked before I get burnt out and there is no other playlist for me so I’m forced to stop playing to play something else.

The combination of those two things leads my friends to not playing. It leads to many here to not play. It leads to many on Facebook that don’t want to I play. I see it everywhere " I’ll come back when the game is fixed". That’s an indication that the game is dead. No longer worth their time.

And this isn’t even the end either. Many people just don’t like the design choices like the store or cosmetics. A Friend of mine that’s a girl stopped playing because she doesn’t feel represented like in halo 5.

Well that’s what happens to a large part of players.


No numbers released are ever verified. So of course some baseline trust goes along with that. Just because the site tracks MS data… doesn’t make it useless.

For all we know Steam could be artificially inflating their user count for CS:GO and Dota 2. But I think it’s just as silly to assume as much. Yet we generally assume that the data steam provides is acruate. This is no different (and imo Steam’s data is more likely to be fudged then TA’s for obvious reasons, even though I don’t believe that is the case).

But such conspiracies’ imo are largely pointless. And this underlining assumption that TrueAchivement’s (or any other site) are being “paid off” to fudge the numbers just isn’t one that I have any invest in exploring.

Instead, I would imagine that the sample size of 2.5M is valid data. And the numbers are legit. (The site has tracked player statistics for a long time). With the data from the site being historically accurate/believable.

What really is happening is people are willingly trusting Steam data because it aligns with their narrative. But will disregard TA’s data based on conspiracies because it conflicts with what they want to believe.

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What’s funny is that all of my friends are on Xbox. Very little are on PC.(I’m on pc) so it’s not like I’m only getting this from a PC point of view. I see the Xbox numbers hurting within my own Friends list

But that data is largely meaningless, and shouldn’t be used to make assumptions.

I don’t know a single person that plays Fortnight (out of hundreds of people across every possible platform).

Yet it would be foolish for me to then assume that Fortnight isn’t popular, and it’s popularity is a lie.

I think the most I see is ‘dying game’ posts, not people saying it’s dead already. It is to me, for now atleast, because dying light 2 came out and I cannot be bothered to play the same 4v4 maps over and over-
And btb got fixed, I haven’t felt the drive to hop back in-
Just taking a break for now and watching the forum to see shop updates and those rare, rare game updates.
Think ingame lobbies would do miles for this game in the state it’s in. Let players make their own fun by letting them talk trash to each other or actually form a relationship with each other, not just ‘match over SEE YA’.

For sure, the game has a ton of room to grow. It’s clearly very “early access” right now.

New maps, Forge, Co-op, etc will all drastically improve the game.

If 343 plays their cards right, I easily could see H:I returning to their launch numbers (or even higher) in the next year and a half.

Fortnite is a different beast tho. It’s already reached a level most games can’t touch.

Halo on the other hand is struggling. It’s not like I’m staying in an echo chamber. I go out and look for what people are saying and the common statements I see are game performance and content. Two of these things that 343 refuses to address. All we know is that coop and forge is coming and the events but that’s it. The more they stay silent the more people leave.

I think they are just being honest by staying silent.

What would be the point of saying things just to make PR showing?

The game has only been out for 2 months. We know it released unfinished.

They also know that the player base will come swarming back the second they do make a few drops.

New maps, forge, playlist updates, etc. will all cause user spikes. So why hype people up for something that might be 6 months out still?

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Well the thing is, this launch left 343 in a bad way in a lot of peoples eyes. I think you might be overestimating the influx of returning players for new maps, hell I don’t think BTB getting fixed brought many people back.
But that is just my opinion and indication that I see, you could be right. I just am very skeptical!

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Maps and modes isn’t going to fix this game. Niether is bug fixes. Sure it’ll help a lot but a bad launch is one of the worst things that could happen to a video game. Why? Because people already played through all the maps already. Even if it’s fixed they will still be playing on the same thing they were playing on months ago. And it’s not like a whole bunch of maps will come all at once. It’ll be a map here. A game mode. There. You know. Drip fed content. Drip fed content drives people away just like it did with Halo 5.

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No other Halo game was like that. A map pack of 8-10 maps is almost expected. Not to mention how much just Forge is going to change the game. In fact, most every Halo game only launched with like 10-11 maps. People just remember how the end of life experience for these games were. After all the content was dropped. (and If memory serves correct, we know that 23 maps existed to some capacity when the beta was data-mined).

And plenty of games prove exactly the opposite. No Mans Sky, CS:GO, many MMO’s, etc have had a poor launch, and re-surged once the game caught up to player expectations.

And that is the core issue with Halo. Millions of people want to play it (with millions that have played it), but the current offering isn’t hitting expectations/requirements for players to engage long term.