The Skewer is so creative!

I don’t know about you guys, but when I first saw gameplay of the Skewer in the multiplayer reveal trailer I thought it was going to be a Banished Rocket Launcher type weapon, give the over-the-should appearance like the Rocket Launcher or Fuel Rod Cannon.

But after getting to play with it more it seems to be more like the Banished Sniper Rifle! I just think it’s such a creative take on a Brute Sniper, since they’re so, well, brutish. And that their Sniper is essentially a Javelin-firing weapon. I look forward to seeing what it can do to vehicles though! As I don’t think it’s just their Sniper, given the one shot between reloads, I suspect it may have other uses besides kebabing enemy Spartans.

The Skewer is an infantry-portable anti-tank spike weapon employed by the Jiralhanae, notably the Banished.

After thinking it over is basically the binary rifle from halo 4 in it’s functionality. Projectiles seem to be hitscan and it’s a 1-shot kill on players. Definitely feels better to fire though.

Im not a fan of the scope, too red and obstructive imo. I’m also not convinced it really needs 2 levels of zoom, but I could take it of leave it.

What I really hope is to see in against vehicles. The trailer shoes it throwing a warthog backwards. The physics interactions will hopefully be amazing with this weapon.