The Simple Fix For Controller VS Mouse and Keyboard!

I agree with you. The aim assist in Halo Infinite for controller is almost non-existent. With players diving into how aim assist works exactly, controller players actually don’t gain aim assist until they’ve actually aimed in on the player, essentially removing a core part of why aim assist is a thing.

However, M&K players still complain because of some clips online showing the weapons aiming themselves. I honestly believe these videos are fabricated as I cannot recreate them on Xbox no matter how hard I try.

Ultimately, the addition selecting input based matchmaking would completely solve this issue. Controller and M&K are not compatible, so stop trying to make them compatible.

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These options appear in the Ranked queues.

If you go to ranked and change from “open” to “Solo/Duo” you can change the input settings as well. I don’t see this available globally for all queues though which is unfortunate.

actually there is.

This is because aim assist is inconsistent. there will be time you will be getting aa while there will be times where you will not while you should at all times


splitgate would disagree with you

We are talking about halo, not splitgate and you can easily spot a pc player in fps games. The idea is people want it to be indistinguishable. Its not possible

what do you mean by pc player?

Splitgate? Listen mate, Splitgate is fine and dandy, but it’s also pretty much dead according active players. I literally quit the game because I couldn’t find games. Also, Splitgate lets you turn off crossplay. Yes, that’s how the issue was fixed. If you don’t like it, you can turn it off.

If you want to try and make a quick point, actually do some basic research, smh.

A PC player is someone playing on PC…

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Just to quickly respond to this. As far as I understand, there are two main differences between Halo Infinite’s controller mechanism, and prior Halos:

  1. the max look rotation speed on controller is much lower than in prior Halos
  2. the cursor gravitation (not bullet magnetism) triggers on a tighter outline of the enemy, but once it does so, the gravitation is much stronger than in prior Halos

To expand on point 2, as far as I see the area in which cursor slowdown starts in the prior Halos is more generous, but gravitation is also weaker.

For what it’s worth, CoD Warzone lets you choose between a bigger triggering area for aim assist, but weaker gravitation (prior Halo style), or much stronger gravitation on a tighter enemy outline (similar to Halo Infinite).

My own experience definitely tells me there is a skill gap on controller on getting your cursor roughly on the enemy, but if you can master that, it’s pretty deadly (basically most Onyx level players seem to be good at it).

From some informal JGOD comments, it seems like most pros also prefer the tighter variant of assist too.

As long as it’s optional, I don’t have an issue with this. But I fear this is going to turn into the MCC again where we’ll soon be seeing KBM players saying they’re can’t find any full matches since the bulk of the people who generally play Halo generally prefer it on the console, or use controllers.

They got to the point they were trying to demand that players be forced to play with people utilizing the same tools as they were first and for most, from which is when I said no. I don’t want to be forced into something that isn’t a problem for me just because you have an issue with it.

I haven’t played this game since last year. This simple fix would get me and im sure many other xbox players back playing the game. Its absolute insanity that this still isn’t an option. I posted last year that the game will be dead within afew months without this option. More people playing farming simulator than halo now.