The Silent Blade/Questafarians

If you’re looking for A legit PVP Company, but your friend is looking for a Lax RP company, This is what You’re looking for.

The Silent Blade: We’re a Company based entirely on PVP. We take our training and missions very seriously.
The Questafarians: We’re not looking to make anything too difficult, and just looking for a good time. Unless it calls for it, our RPs are based on AI or (Allies as enemies) Acting.

All further Details will be explained to those of whom are interested.

If you’re Interested, Message “MoneyMaker2116” or “ShadowXD0117” on Xbox LIve.

Hello MoneyMaker2116, I’m killerhuntress1 but for some reason I was having difficulty entering my original gamer tag, also my mother kicked me off the Xbox so she could play COD 4.