The Sidekick is the Weapon I Hate the Most

I love it. I think they nailed what they were going for with the quick fire low damage pistol (H5 gunfighter) but PC players can often beat people using the commando with them. Just too much range i think.

Well the BR has an optimal ttk of 1.55s and the sidekick’s is 1.10s. Granted this is up close where the BR doesn’t perform as well.

It’s not a power weapon. 343 deliberately chose these killtimes for a reason. The sidekick is fine.

It’s a power weapon if it dominates every close range engagement with no hard counter

I think the speed would be fine if bullet magnetism were turned off entirely. I don’t understand why 343 feels people need to land shots when they, ya know, missed. That sort of forcing things to work a certain way always messes up these kinds of games.


It doesn’t dominate. It’s working as it’s supposed to. You just keep getting killed by the weapon due to piss poor skill.

The people your facing know how to use the sidekick. That’s why you die.

I am fully convinced you don’t know how the sidekick works.

The sidekick has an optimal ttk of 1.10s; requiring 7 shots out of it’s 12-round magazine to kill a fully shielded opponent(6 to the body and 1 to the head).

While this seems pretty fast, this changes if you fire the weapon as fast as humanly possible. After that, bloom comes into play. The ttk can vary from 1.10s up to a maximum of 1.56s(from 7 to a max of 10 shots to kill).

So players with a brain are encouraged to pace their shots instead of spamming the weapon like a noob. After all, your trying to live through your encounter. Some people are under the misconception that spamming the sidekick leads to an optimal kill time.

However, this is false. That solely depends on the weapons accuracy/bloom. Nothing else. In other words, winning with this gun depends heavily on your ability to pace your shots.

The irony is they hate a medium damage, low mag, low range semi-auto weapon but just shrug at the AR. LMAO

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Reduced fire rate and damage buff is ABSOLUTELY needed. I’ve played the drills on controller, and I have to always hold the trigger half-down and only barely press it when I want to fire. I just can’t fire fast enough any other way. It’s like being given a light switch and being told to recreate a strobe light. I was going to make my own topic about this, but I haven’t yet.

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I’m objectively better than you, that’s you drinking too much copium

Yes, you spam it. That’s how you use it. That’s literally my entire point.

Hahahahahahahaha. No.

No. You pace your shots. You think it’s rng.

You don’t even know the difference between bullet magnetism and auto-aim. You also think people that fire the sidekick at full speed are somehow disadvantaged when literally everyone else is telling you you’re wrong

No. Nobody paces their shots unless they’re trying to land shots at mid range

I wouldn’t have to explain this if you were smarter than a sack of potatoes.

Good god.

Honestly right now, I’d use the AR over any other weapon, maybe even the BR…and that’s really saying something. I think H5 had the best weapon balance in terms if the pistol and BR. The AR is way OP right now and its not even close lol.

People are using the Sidekick like a Primary, which it isn’t, but it’s too damn good, especially in the right hands and definitely too good with those who use recoil macros and clicker macros.

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There appears to be nothing you could ever explain to me that would be correct