The Sidekick is the Weapon I Hate the Most

Yea, but it definitely gets some steep damage and velocity drop off at real long range. Makes it not even worth it to fire unless someone’s no shield

I think I made that pretty clear in the title alone.

People should not be rewarded for poor gameplay mechanics, it’s bad game design.

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I mean it’s still doing damage that could save your teammate, you have to at least try to land shots. It’s not hard to do on any 4v4 map. In BTB it does become pretty hard to do anything because of the sheer vastness of some of the maps, but you don’t have to push up very far to close the gap, especially as fast as the movement is in this game. With sprint, sliding, and the equipment you can close distances very quickly.

The Sidekick is in no way fine whatsoever. It outguns the AR at All ranges, rivals the BR at long range and has far better accuracy than the Commando. It’s also a completely unfair weapon to put crossplay players against each other with. When the aim assist kicks in correctly, MKB players don’t stand a chance becuase of the insane damage application. You cannot reasonably call it balanced.

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Yes you can actually. The optimal kill time for both the AR and the sidekick are very close to one another. The only deciding factor is accuracy, skill and fire rate.

As for the BR. It’s completely fine and not outclassed at all. The one advantage the BR has over the sidekick is accuracy and bullet magnetism. Land all your shots and you’ll come out on top.

The sidekick and br both have extremely high bullet magnetism

You mean the AR and BR. The sidekick requires the more skill to use and has the least magnetism out of the two.

The side kick is not the magnum, it fills a different role. It’s as the name implies, not the star of the show; a sidekick.

It’s a backup weapon to either finis off opponents or to use as an alternate, not secondary, choice.

What’s not to love about a weapon with low damage, low accuracy and a shallow mag right?

Its such a worthless deadweight weapon and the justifications for it have always been trash. Your “secondary” or “backup” weapon is whatever is in your back pocket at a time. There is less than zero reason to implement a weapon designed to be thrown away at the earliest opportunity in a game where you can only hold two weapons regardless of size or shape.

Like some of you understand that its possible for a human pistol to be a legitimately good weapon without it being a CE or Halo 5 Pistol right?

Just remove the bloom and you might actually have a decent weapon at the end.

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That’s inaccurate, the bullet magnetism with the sidekick means that spamming it makes it more effective by far

No. The bullet magnetism means your shots bend towards your target more when within a certain range.

Spam too hard and they miss.

More skillful than AR. That gun is stupid strong in this game. You should really not start with it.

You’ve actually perfectly summed up the problem with the gun. It is a gun with no general utility, meaning that its heavy bloom and short range exclude it from widespread viability. BUT it is perfect for abusive super close range spam. It’s a spam cannon that doesn’t aid the average player. In a super specific circumstance, literally nothing can beat it. But for general purpose gunplay at multiple ranges? You have to use something else.

Give me a Magnum.


I kinda like it but im not a big fan of the bloom, and the fact that is a spam-mid range weapon. A bit disappointed that its not the precision pistol we have been having since reach.

I just hope 343 plan is to add the old magnum later on so we can have more variety when it comes to pistols.

Its a weapon that encourages spam to maximize DPS yet also has bloom. it’s an RNG gun.

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No, spamming does not reduce bullet magnetism

I was surprised to like the Sidekick. It’s no Magnum, but it’s fine. I do however hate the Pulse Carbine and the Ravager.

That’s not what I’m getting at. I’m saying at high level play, knowing when to pace shots with the sidekick rewards you.

To claim it’s a spamfest is pure hyperbole.

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There is no high level play in social. The sidekick is a power weapon in ranked because it can quickly kill someone with a BR when you spam it

I love it. I think they nailed what they were going for with the quick fire low damage pistol (H5 gunfighter) but PC players can often beat people using the commando with them. Just too much range i think.