The Sidekick is the Weapon I Hate the Most

I will say that the Sidekick is a tricky weapon to perfect. It’s bloom is so ridiculously high that if you’re further than a warthog away, if you spam you’re unlikely to get a headshot on the first try. Missing alot can also make you have to reload, then you can be in trouble from that too.
It’s a tough weapon to fight against in close quarters, for sure. It’s super strong at it’s intended range. Not to sound like a boastful -Yoink!- but someone like me who’s put in some time in Quick Play and Weapon Drills is really good at getting quick kills with it. My recommendation is to try crouch strafing, or practice with the gun in Weapon Drills until you can beat them at their own game.

We’ll have to agree to disagree. I decided to put some time into practicing with it in the flights (an inevitable hangover of everyone using the magnum in H5 so me assuming it would be similarly prevalent) and am pleased with how I’ve been able to control it - and I am no pro.

As others have said, at its most effective range it is often about just getting lots of shots off. I think tactically though it’s in the right place - that is mainly using it to finish people off, in my case.

That is not why we don’t like it. I’ve been playing halo since 2006 I have very good aim in all the halos The sidekick has bloom it creates random encounters and gunfights what don’t you people understand??? It’s not a skill based gun randomness is not skill based…

You want the H5 pistol and you just don’t know it :grin:

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I don’t think people realize what they’re saying here, you folks do realize the bullet magnetism with the sidekick is the strongest of any weapon right? There are plenty of videos about it but unfortunately you can’t link videos on this forum.

And I destroy people with the sidekick, because it’s abusable. I don’t like it because I see what it does to gameplay when it’s the starting weapon.

Wrong that’s not what he wants you people just don’t get it… I however do want the post updated reach magnum that I do want…. Most accurate magnum to date….

I would prefer that yes. Honestly give me the Halo CE pistol. Heck, I’d take the Reach or H4 magnums. I just don’t like the way the Sidekick impacts gameplay by rewarding people who have poor aim by being spammable.

You know what was low key one of the most balanced pistols in the series? The ODST automag that they added to H3 MCC. It had a fast TTK, but had absolutely no bullet magnetism, meaning you had to actually land shots by aiming it appropriately yourself.

Yeah and RRR is short range on it. I’m not sure where this is going? The AR is usually the better gun because it is more versatile for the map layouts. It’s good though because both can be used effectively, but both still get destroyed by the BR. It’s hardly overpowered, because if its range effectiveness.

@Deaths_Shadow74 hello, hope you are enjoying Infinite!

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No, the AR is not even in the same weight class as the Sidekick. You are aware they nerfed the AR aren’t you? It and the Commando both got a reduced damage per bullet update, and the AR is the worse off of the two because it requires 3 headshots on an unshielded opponent to get the fastest TTK its capable of.

The sidekick got an autoaim increase.

True, but it does take skill to counter that bloom. Any baboon can spam a weapon at an enemy and miss 100 shots, but someone who knows what they’re doing will get kills effectively despite bloom thanks to effective use of range and trigger discipline

Reading this makes me feel like you’re judging it on patch notes alone, rather than how the game actually plays.

From my experience, a sidekick can win a lot of 1v1’s, but the AR has a better chance at 2v1’s. And if the sidekick is winning the 1v1’s, it’s normally against someone who isn’t changing up their strafes.

Tbh I’m surprised at how balanced the weapon sandbox is. There are only a couple weapons whose strength and purpose I can’t figure out (looking at you plasma pistol).

Tell that to my AR BR which have less bloom and then tell me with your so called trigger discipline who won the encounter lmao news flash it doesn’t work… it has no place in an arena shooter you are wrong end of story…

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the plasma pistol is powerful in this game, but it’s normally a waste to try the noob combo with it. It’s much more effective if you shoot a few bolts and switch to another weapon, or 3 shots and a melee is a kill, etc. It’s also strong against vehicle armor because 343 has no idea what they’re doing

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Yea the fact it doesn’t do jack to vehicles is another incompetence tally for 343….

The Sidekick still has pants range, so it’s not as versatile. Weapons that aren’t versatile cannot be overpowered.

Maybe if you’re in a platinum/gold lobby and everyone is trying to crunch each other with melees then the Sidekick is the greatest weapon of all time because no-one is countering it by just fighting at moderate distance.

in a platinum/gold lobby the sidekick isn’t a factor because ranked is BR starts and there is often no sidekicks on the map

And why do people think the sidekick has no range? In BTB sure, but on most 4v4 maps it’s able to land shots easily across the majority of them.

Well theoretically speaking it could be properly tested now that we have a shooting range… we would only need someone who capture footage and properly compare it framebased… but geniunly i feel like that sidekick is in the right spot. It’ s not complete meh compared to the H2 one, and not as strong as the magnun (or the mangler), it’s quite in the middle where you can outplay others, but br and other sandbox weapons are still better. Also about the suggestion, no please not reduce the firerate if you really have to change it, either spread it more or reduce demage when you spam it, i don’t want it to become a magnum rip-off.

In all honesty, with the way you argue you disqalify yourself from the topic, because you either sound bitter or in general like someone who hate for hatred sake. Both attitudes where i can’t take someone serious.

The further out you go the more bloom comes into effect and the less spam potential it has making its TTK much higher.

Anyway I’m watching HCS now so good luck with your quest to nerf an already balanced gun.

It is exactly working as intended, you just need to… GITGUD!

There is nothing skillful about spamming the Sidekick to get a kill, I don’t know how to put this more clearly.