The Sidekick is the Weapon I Hate the Most

This may put me in the minority, but I really cannot stand this gun. The idea is that it is a precision weapon, which is fantastic…but the implementation is the exact opposite in most games. The most effective way to use it, and by far the most common way people are using it, is to treat it like an SMG and spam it so fast I don’t think it’s possible to do without a turbo controller sometimes. I’m a fan of gunfights, and I like being able to aim better and move better than opponents…but the Sidekick is the most baffling weapon in the series that is “intended” for that. There for every good 1v1 gunfight with the sidekick I have in a match, I have 4 deaths from people spamming it without any regard to aim or controlling bloom.

The fix I would personally like to see would be a reduced fire rate and damage buff. As it is now, the weapon overpowers everything but grenades in most AR starts games by abusing randomness and the autoaim/bullet magnetism.


The sidekick is a mess and the ones who say that’s it’s fine how it is have no clue what they’re talking about…


Does anyone else feel like the aim is off with it somehow, BR, Sniper, hell even the Commando feels fine in comparison, where it seems to need pinpoint accuracy to achieve anything, where everything else seems relatively more forgiving.


Sidekick is doing the job it was designed for.


It’s fine, but apparently I have no idea what I’m talking about, but it is great at to have another topic about. The other 999 threads were not enough. One thing that is true is that it is purposefully designed to have a different role than the Magnum from previous games. I wouldn’t be surprised if in some future update, the Magnum is reintroduced as a weapon you can pickup from the map, but not as a load out weapon.

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It doesn’t require anywhere near the same throttle control as the commando, but it does long range chipping and in close critical/finishing DPS when you need it.

At least on MnK it handles like something I would expect in R6S, but idk maybe controller players can trigger mash with the aim assist?


The aim assist is pretty short range because the red reticule range is very small for the Sidekick.

Its intended as a spam at close range or perfectly place a headshot type weapon. It’s a closer range gun than the AR which people are having a hard time grasping as it is a precision weapon and nothing like the H5 pistol which made almost every other gun in the game redundant.

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Which is to completely dominate the sandbox by abusing randomness through bullet spam?


It gets beaten by most weapon at most ranges.


that’s very inaccurate based on what everyone I know says, and what I have experienced myself. Are you saying you get beaten by most weapons at most weapons when you use it personally, or that everyone is easy to beat if they’re using theirs?

Yeah until I get an overkill with it in Social lmao
Sidekick is amazing. I love it just as much as the BR. If you don’t like it that’s your own thing, doesn’t mean the gun sucks

@Ken It’s nice to see that even on the new forums, people still have a hard time understanding simple concepts lmao
Also it’s good to see you on here again bro

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Honestly, I agree because it cannot be used by anyone.

It sounds like you got your butt handed to you by the Sidekick, tried to use it, died, and now you blame the weapon for it. It’s a sidearm pistol with a fast rate of fire intended for close/mid range engagements. If you don’t like the gun that doesn’t mean the gun is bad, that just means you suck with it and need to either practice or stay away from it. There are ways to prevent people from killing you with precision weapons like crouch strafing or out-ranging them with a BR for example. The Sidekick doesn’t dominate the battlefield, it’s just a very versatile starter precision weapon. The Bulldog could beat it, so can the AR, BR, Commando, etc etc.


I love it. Shields off with the (definitely overpowered) AR followed by a quick switch to Sidekick to finish off. It needs a lot of control as the AA on it feels weak.

The idea that OP ‘knows’ they were killed by someone spamming it is…interesting.

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Yeah, some nobodies ran up and unloaded a mag into my back without aiming and I died, and it made me angry. Every single game, it makes me angry because in literally any other Halo they almost definitely wouldn’t even be able to kill me because they’re objectively bad at fps games.

I’m not saying the gun is bad at all, I’m saying it’s overpowered. It has a faster time to kill than literally every weapon you listed. They even NERFED half the weapons you listed making them even worse matchups against a spammable sidekick.

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How do you ‘know’ they weren’t weren’t aiming? Genuine question.

because there’s no way they can be with the rate of fire they’re using. They are abusing autoaim and bullet magnetism

It’s really not that tricky, spam body to get shields down, land one headshot to get that kill. The quicker you can get the shields down, the higher the chance you win the 1v1 engagement, hence why people “spam” it.

[quote=“M1STA_WU1FY, post:1, topic:23007”]
spamming it without any regard to aim or controlling bloom.
[/quote] This is ridiculous to assume from an opponent and suggests you either don’t understand the weapon or are just salty you keep dying from it.

No hard feelings either, since I feel frustrated as well with it’s bloom and not being able to land that last headshot when I need it, but I think it will put yourself at a disadvantage in MP if you begin to hate it and hence avoid it since it is a starting loadout weapon that everyone has access to and whether you like it or not you will be exposed to this many times every match.

Happy fighting spartan

What bullet magnetism? :3

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