The sidekick is a mess

I’m not even going to explain why either because most people on this forum are apparently to ignorant to understand anyway……

i agree with you. I either needs a buff to damage or more bullets.

Why don’t you try? Otherwise why do we even need this topic.

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Most people think it needs to be nerfed. I think it’s perfect.

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Great topic… again :roll_eyes:

How many of these do you have to make?

I have tons of purposeful headshots with the Sidekick, and I’m not even an expert player. I get headshots with it in all kinds of different movement situations too.

I feel like the Sidekick is probably right about what the designers intended; it’s a quick draw sidearm, but not the god-tier pistol that the Magnum is in Halo 1 and Halo 5.

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Then don’t clog the forum with trash can fodder

Less topics, with more localized discussion is how a forum is supposed to work. Although I think 343 doesn’t have a big enough moderation team to lock, move, and clean up the constant influx of posts like this. :man_shrugging: