The sidearm is good, too good. It seems unbalanced

You should provide a link to the video

Eh yes really in this case. The whole game is a lot different when you’re using KBM. The game isn’t aiming/tracking players for you with KBM. The game isn’t making missed shots hit shots with KBM.

It IS overpowered. But as long as the AR is also overpowered they don’t need to nerf it. I don’t want to be forced to use the AR all the time, I hate it, and BR starts is a rarity right now in this game. So I use the sidekick.

If it’s not hard to use why is your headshot accuracy so bad in the modes it’s in? It seems to me you’re perfectly happy bodying with AR spray.

Looking at your matches in those gamemodes you do pretty well with a few bad games, happens to us all, so I don’t see why you’d think the SK needs a nerf.

There is a hole in your TTK argument, which has been pointed out by some already, and that’s that the SK’s optimal TTK is much harder to get, while the AR’s is pretty easy to get. I’m just guessing here, but I think the majority of players pick up the kill at 8-9 shots making the average TTK much closer to that of the average AR TTK.

Hitting the perfect with a precision weapon should be rewarded against auto spray, in my opinion, because it does take more effort to get those kills.

I know this sounds bad :sweat_smile:, but my advice is to “git gud” with the SK/precision weapons and pump those HS accuracy numbers back up.

P.S. Sorry for starting this aggro, I was just trying to make a point.

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well I am a kbm player. People should be careful for what they use. I know plenty of pc players that use controller

I’m a KBM player also, that’s why I said it’s not so much PC but more about KBM. Since it doesn’t matter if you use KBM on PC or Xbox, it’s a totally different game using KBM. I wish I could play just team slayer but it’s frustrating going against God mode controller receives and since you start with a pistol, that’s what they mainly use.

It’s good for 1 kill before you need to reload.