The sidearm is good, too good. It seems unbalanced

The fire rate of the pistol seems too high. Due to how fast it can fire with it’s accuracy it can 70% of the time down a player attacking them with an assault rifle faster than the player with the assault rifle can kill them even if the player with the assault rifle attacked first. Landing successful hits on moving targets as well as weapon bloom are heavy factors in this case but even if the player with the assault rifle has good aim and is landing most if not all of his shots on the player with the sidearm, and the player with the sidearm is only landing 50 - 70% of their shots on other, the one with the sidearm will most likely win the encounter even if they were already shot first with half shields remaining by the time they begin shooting at the other player by simply firing the sidearm as fast as possible at their aggresor. If both players are landing most of their shots, the assault rifle should’ve won the encounter. But instead the pistol will 80% of the time be the 1 to win soely due to it being a better weapon in this instance. Due to this you will see most players begin and finish their engagements using the pistol at all distances even the close distances that the AR should’ve excelled at. There have been games that I’ve seen players never use their AR and relied solely on their pistol for every engagement. Its actually quite frustrating to be killed by a player that i caught by surprise and began shooting first while landing most if not all of my shots with the AR because they spam fired their pistol. I even had a discussion with a friend the other day about feeling BTB might be better if players spawned with battle rifles instead of pistols. My friends response was “No battle rifles and sidearms would be good enough, or just battle rifles.” Its kindof unfortunate to hear a battle rifle and pistol combo (two precision weapons) would make a better combo than an AR and precision weapon. Kinda puts into perspective how underwhelming the AR is compared to the sidearm. I dont feel like the AR is lacking at all in this game (besides weapon bloom but that’s bad across all weapons). In fact as i recall the AR kills faster in this halo DPS wise than every AR in previous titles. Its actually better than its predecessors. The problem is the sidearm being a little too OP for its class. And honestly the only factor that seems to be the cause of it is it’s rate of fire + damage per shot. A reduction in 1 or the other would probably balance it out better. More so on the rate of fire because the damage per shot feels correct, just the fire rate is crazy high.


Otherwise, nobody is going to read that wall of text.


There’s a few weapons in the game I just prefer well over the Pistol. Battle Rifle, Commando, Sentinal Beam, and a few others… I’m even liking the Disruptor better then the side kick.

It’s a solid weapon, and I feel the pistol is a really good spot that shouldn’t be touched…


It’s a very good weapon for what it is. It just seems to have too many pros compared to cons. In comparison to the AR. It’s intended use is to finish off a player with a headshot after you break their shields. So it’s supposed to be intended to use with another weapon like previous pistols. But it excels at both droping the shield and then the player to boot. I doubt anything will change for it. But it would be nice if the balance was leveled out better between the two


I can’t see them changing anything without making it worthless. I’d rather them not touch it at all. It doesn’t need to be changed at all honestly.

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Can I get a TL;DR because I’m interested in your reasons, but don’t feel like trying to skim through that wall of text.


The sidearm is capable of killing someone much faster than the AR. Even if a player starts shooting someone down to half shields the person being attacked can unload a full sidearm magazine in retaliation and kill their aggresor with a good chance their shields don’t even break. Even if the AR user isn’t missing they will quite often lose the encounter. The sidearm shreads through enemies much more efficiently than the AR

I think the AR and Side kick are perfectly balanced, a pistol with bloom and a quick ttk requires you to learn the weapon and get good with it.

AR just hold the trigger

I agree, it does seem fast, especially when playing against PC/Bots

I drop the HiPoint whenever I can, its such an awful gun. The AR however is amazing I love that gun

and what do you mean by pc?

It should beat an AR, it requires abit more accuracy as well as not being full auto (hold trigger)

I will admit there are some people out there firing it too damn fast, faster than my trigger can do it. But i suppose thats where a sensitive click or scroll wheel can help, maybe even the really expensive controllers can too.

Either way sidekick should beat the AR, just wish the max firerate was toned down (the smallest, 99% of players wouldn’t notice) so some expensive inputs aren’t better

If the person using the sidekick is landing most of their shots against someone using an AR the person using the sidekick should win every time because that’s how it was designed. The AR is a very easy weapon to use with its high aim assist, high bullet magnetism, range, and it doesn’t require a headshot to kill efficiently.

Throughout all of the Halo games precision weapons have always had faster kill times than automatics because they are more difficult to use, so the game rewards you for using the weapon that takes more skill to use. If you want to win more gunfights then you need to use more of the weapon sandbox and not rely so much on the AR.

While i agree with your statement it has a flaw. The TTK (time to kill) ratios of the weapons.

The problem isn’t that the pistol kills faster than the AR. The problem is that the pistol can kill the player attacking them with an AR when their shields are already low from the assault.

Previous halo titles the TTK for pistols averaged around 1.54 vs halo infinites pistol at 1.1

The assault rifle in halo infinite is 1.25 unlike it’s predecessors at 1.4

So the AR is actually better than all it’s predecessors yet still feels balanced in this title. The pistol is also better than its predecessors but isn’t balanced. The AR being 0.15 faster while the pistol is 0.44 faster. The pistol took a 3x bigger leap than the AR. And that’s a drastically high difference. If the pistol in infinite was closer to 1.14 it would still kill faster than the AR and previous pistols but wouldnt be able to pull out of a losing engagement with an AR.

At best it the players would trade if both users dont miss most of their shots. Which is what should be the situation. Instead the pistol is currently able to kill the AR aggresor even if they are already missing 47% of their shields. Technically the AR was faster than pistols in previous games. So the pistol being faster makes sense in this game but 53% of shields remaining is too high for survival/trade between those 2 weapons

Where was this complaint with h5? That’s the only weapon you needed in that game. Infinite pistol is fine.

What you’re forgetting is how much more difficult it is to use the sidekick vs the AR. I’ve been playing Halo for 20 years, have I think 800 games in Halo Infinite and I’ve gotten less than 10 perfects with the sidekick. So if someone is good enough to consistently get perfects with the sidekick then they deserve to stomp someone using an AR. I think the AR is still too good for how incredibly easy it is to use compared to almost every other gun in the game, along with it’s ridiculous far range, and high TTK. But since I know 343 wants to keep some casuals around, I have to just get better with the sidekick because I know they won’t nerf the AR.

The sidekick isn’t hard to use. Just start moving towards your target and start spam firing. You don’t have to dodge the AR rounds. There’s no need to because you know you’ll survive. As long as you have at least half your shields you’re golden and cant lose. Much easier to tank the shots and aim then to dodge and aim. I watch players do it all day every game in every mode and do it myself too. Once you know how much faster a pistol can kill than the AR

Not so much PC but more about KBM. The pistol is not OP with KBM as it is with controller. Every KBM player will tell you this, even the controller pros will tell you this. The pistol itself isn’t what’s “too good”, it’s the assistance controller receives that’s make these types of weapons too good.

The pistol has very strong and tight aim assist, I proved this in a video I made.

Eh not really in this case. You dont need the best accuracy just aim for the chest. That’s why it’s important to start moving towards them to close the distance and spam fire. Aim upward gradually when the shield pops