The shop has 21 Yoroi related items, the Event pass only 14 + it is locked after the first few ranks

Never thought I would say this but please 343i, take a look at ACTIVISION and see how you can adapt a “player first” mentality. And the sad part is I’m not even sarcastic! Activision is a scummy gaming company, but 343i really takes the cake here.

All this talk about “player first” and how the Battle Pass never expires. Yeah, playing 5 CoD PvP matches takes you to the next rank, and on double XP weekends even less. In Halo Infinite you need 20 (!!!) YES TWENTY matches to move to the next rank. I rather have a Battle Pass that expires than one that takes 2.000 matches to complete.

Unless you want to do all these counterintuitive “challanges” that forces you to either ignore gamemode objectives, play gamemodes you don’t want to play, or STRAIGHT UP SABOTAGE YOUR OWN TEAM!!! And who at 343i came up with these challanges is not a gamer. F*CK I’m sad this had to happen to Halo!

And the leaked shop items that contain basic REACH armor for 20 dollars. Ugh…

And a Battle Pass filled with challange swaps and XP boosts. Things that either shouldn’t exist or be free items. Seeing what’s on the Battle Pass was like looking at your pay checks and see they swapped out money for bathroom breaks.

I REALLY, REALLY hope 343i means day one is december 8th and this is all just one bad dream.


I feel like you should be able to buy individual items instead of everything being bundled. It artificially makes everything overpriced, personally am less likely to buy stuff then as I’m not paying £15 for a Katana.

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I agree. If they just cut prices in half or probably even a third of the prices now, they would probably sell 10 times what they’re selling now. Pretty much nobody wants to pay 15 dollars for a Katana, but 5 dollars? Maybe…

Personally I do not really care for the Yoroi armor, but for people who do, this is one sad, sad event.

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I’ve seen quite a few people wearing it already ha.

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I’ve seen quite a few people wearing it already ha.

Of crap. That’s pretty disappointing.