The Shock Rifle Should Be Classified as a Power Weapon

Thought the same hahaah

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Unless you do shot + melee combo which is almost instakill. You can’t do it with the sidekick.
Sidekick is easier to use at range, being pretty much a precision weapon with its small reticle and small bloom. But because of combo with melee mangler has faster TTK, it is just a weapon optimal for shorter range.

Quoting myself because I answered your reply before you made it. At least for me, melee always normally break shields and that’s not ideal, so I tend to keep away from melee range when possible anyway. A melee and a sidekick headshot is just as fast. Headshots take more skill, but right now with collision being so jank you need just as much skill to even get a body shot.

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To be fair, the sidekick also has good close range potential, because you can spam 4 shots as fast as possible and melee for a kill that is faster than the majority of weapons without a one shot + melee. It’s obviously not as fast as the mangler but it’s just another way The sidekick can be used. It can beat an AR Or BR in a melee fight for instance


Actually the more I play the more I use the Sidekick. In the beginning, I would switch it as soon as I found any other weapon. Now I’m more likely to trade AR for another weapon than the Sidekick because of its versatility.

Going back to the topic - shock rifle I have still to learn - for me it’s a higher skill weapon because it requiring a full burst to connect to get the headshot kill. I guess you need to lead your shots much more (especially on m&k). With a sniper rifle, you just need to hit with just one almost instant bullet.
Still, on maps with vehicles like BTB shock rifle is a weapon I often pick up just to be able to EMP vehicles and either take out the driver or hijack the vehicle.

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This is the way

I like that the AR and Sidekick can basically be the secondary to the other without any real loss in combat effectiveness for choosing one over the other. It’s the best balance of an Automatic + Sidearm they’ve ever had in a halo game.

And yeah the Shock Rifle just has so many uses it’s one of those weapons that is crazy to pass up, yet lots of games nobody ever seems to pick it up. That’s the way it is with a lot of weapons, it’s like most people don’t know they’re there unless it’s one of the main power weapons with a big beacon sitting over it.

Don’t be afraid to go for body shots with it if a few people are close together either, the chain lightning will put multiple people in assist range with one shot, it’s pretty fun to pull off

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