The Shock Rifle Should Be Classified as a Power Weapon

I feel like the way things are classified in this game is often fair, but there are a few weapons that leave me scratching my head. The Mangler for instance is way way stronger than just a light sidearm with a fast respawn should be. But the most baffling is the Shock Rifle. It is the only non-power weapon that can kill someone with one “shot” (understanding that it’s a three Round burst in quick succession). The Cinder Shot and heavy machine gun are power weapons and they don’t have a one shot kill ability.


I get that a lot of people aren’t good with it yet, it took me a few weeks to understand it’s potential and get good enough to consistently get multikills with it. Campaign helped, as it basically carried me through legendary after it became a common weapon. I even see some people on the forums claim it’s a BAD GUN, which is ludicrous to me. Evidently they haven’t seen pros stacking bodies with it.

Skill is not the deciding factor here, because ease of use has never been what classifies something as a power weapon. So I’m not sure why the Shock Rifle is reduced to a tier two gun when it’s so amazingly good.

Anyway, it’s my favorite gun in the game, or maybe tied with the Cindershot, it’s hard to choose. So I feel compelled to stand up for it I guess.

What are others‘ thoughts on this?


Yeah it does feel like a power weapon. Especially in social where one team might get a Stalker Rifle instead.

I suppose though it does feel somewhat like the Hydra. A powerful weapon but also not quite as strong as the likes of Rockets and Sniper.

Shock is great but it is far more difficult to get raw damage than the other power weapons due to the skill barrier.

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Just wait for it. Majority of the player base hasn’t played against Aimbot cheaters, that USE the shock rifle. When enough do get destroyed by it, they will call out for some sort of adjustment.

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They probably think I use aimbots when I have it. I’m about to throw together a few clips that show how easy it is to destroy people with it, gimme just a few minutes.

I think people will realize over time this thing is about the best quality weapon in the game, because of how many things it can do

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You need to make sure the entire burst is a headshot for it to be any good, lol


I thought it was a power weapon. Oh well… I’ll still use it as if it was.

What difference does it make wether it’s called a “power weapon” or not? ( Honest question)


I know a lot of folks sleep on the weapon, because it’s a precision weapon. I play like the Shock Rifle is a power weapon. As I stated before with aimbot cheaters, if you don’t control the shock rifle, you JUST gave the cheater ATLEAST 12 free kills.

Shockrifle is stupid good. It’s the only one shot kill weapon that wall spawns.

I’m just a stickler for accuracy. It also still ticks me off that they say “bottomless clip” instead of “bottomless mag” because almost no weapons in halo history have used a clip.

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I made this real quick to show that its really not that hard to do.

If a total derpenstein like me can get clips like this anyone should be able to
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The Shock Rifle is a burst weapon that HAS to be fully connected to the head for a perfect. Otherwise you’re wasting ammo, or shooting a vehicle.

It isn’t a power weapon, but it is a Tier 2 weapon.


Yeah, sorry

You aren’t exactly a bad player, lol

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thanks for the vote of confidence ha

But I’m not even in the top 10,000 players, there are a lot of people I wouldn’t even be able to kill once in a 1v1

"I’m not even in the top 10k players

Out of the millions of people who play this game, that isn’t really saying much.

You could be in the top 100k players and I would think you’re a good player.

Yeah I agree, it’s pretty OP. The cindershot, not so much.


Shockrifle is one of my favorite weapons, but yeah. It basically is an underscoped sniper rifle (which I don’t mind because the zoom is perfect for me. Snipers either get too close or too far). Meanwhile the stalker rifle is an underpowered carbine/beam rifle mix. I feel like the stalker rifle fits more as a covenant precision weapon than the shock rifle.
As for the mangler, it has a similar ttk as the side kick and takes skill to use at range. It is perfect as it is. If people can’t handle a gun with blades actually do increased melee damage, I’m sorry but that’s your own fault for getting in close.

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I’ll make a montage of Cindershot kills next then

I think it is in a perfect spot right now with the controlled respawn. In high level play it is treated like a power weapon where teams fight for control.

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Just watched the clip, you are an animal with that thing.

I will say that btb maps need to have even weapon spawns, maybe that was fixed Thursday?


Nope, it depends on gametype, but one side will get some stuff and the other side other stuff. The stalker rifle is not a good swap for the shock rifle, not even close. It’s not even that it’s a bad weapon it just isn’t fair to one side. Same with BR’s and Commandos, they’re weapons with similar roles but that function so differently they aren’t and even exchange.

I’d prefer BR starts but if they just fix this issue first it will be a great step in the right direction