The Shock Rifle Melee Bonus, Explained

It’s has confused me since launch why the shock rifle has a melee bonus, but does not do the proper damage for a single shot and melee combo. All the other banished bladed weapons have a significant enough melee bonus to do so, with the exception of the hammer which doesn’t shoot but has a melee bonus so it’s secondary attack makes sense, and the skewer which obviously just kills you in one shot anyway unless you have full overshields .

That’s when I realized this is due to a nerf they gave the weapon. It USED to fire 5 shots in a burst, and they reduced it to 3, which makes it able to get one shot headshots but no longer lets it get 2 shot body shot kills. I think this change is very fair and understandable, and makes the weapon very strong without being overpowered.

But an odd holdover or perhaps side effects of that is that it still does the melee bonus it would if it still shot 5 shots in a burst, which would have been enough to kill someone with a single shot and a melee. So in other words it is a highly unique and somewhat unusual Weapon in the sandbox.

Just something random and interesting I figured out while testing some stuff. Thank you for your time.