The Shield recharge effect in the campaign needs to be removed, and fast

In the video made by Game informer you can see Chief’s shield recharge multiple times and it looks genuinely awful and distracting.
It actually hurts my eyes to look at, just yellow patches all over the screen every time your shields recharge. Please, remove this. What the hell even happened? It was fine before…


I just realised that, did not notice at first but it’s a bit weird how it’s blotches over the screen.


I honestly think the animation is not bad at all. but hopefully that can add setting options to turn it off as part of their accessibility plans.

I really didn’t notice, too busy looking at everything else going on.


It’s not great however I have a long list I would rather them work on instead of this.

It is hardly noticeable and it is not a nuisance, there are other priorities.


It was one of the first things I noticed and it was distracting. It reminds me of a vanity mirror with all the lights going across and down the sides of it.

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Didn’t get to see it yet, but that’s surprising to hear. I thought that was buried with the Craig era stuff, love how it is in multiplayer.


I hope they dial it down, I like the effect but it is too much in your face. FYI don’t watch the 44 minute one they did, quite a few spoilers. I am regretting watching it. IGN did it right.

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I think they had them play different builds… igns looked better


Probably will be a setting, just like in the multiplayer flights. You can turn down or even turn off those full screen effects.

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You could only do that in Custom Game. 343 haven’t mentioned anything about a global setting for it. I wish they would though, cause in both Campaign and MP it’s pretty obnoxious. Maybe it’s not something that’s super important, but it’s the little things that usually become big things, and this is yet something else that I would say is a super strange thing that 343 decided to change. I mean, Shield Recharge FX has been completely fine up until this point, why change it now?

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Holy hell! Just watched this and it’s horrendous!

What on earth were they thinking?!?

It’s so jarring and looks like a bad effect from an early 2000s game or something.

I’m genuinely shocked at how bad it looks.

I didn’t even realize it until you mentioned it but now I can’t stop looking at it, not a fan. I prefer the 2020 demo hexes but the mp flight recharge was best. Just go with that.

Why not, instead of doing away with it all together, just make it something that the player can turn on and off at their own leisure?

I feel like that would be a much better way of going about things than just straight up removing it from the game, assuming that 343 isn’t going to change the animation in a patch or something.

I disagree.
After reading this post I went and compared the two.
I hardly even noticed the shield recharge in GameInformer’s video, it only ever covers the four corners of the screen permanently and everything is very transparent: abload .de/img/shieldgictjj5.png
Compared to that, IGN’s version of the shield animation covers a lot more FoV, particularly on the sides, and is generally more opaque: abload .de/img/shieldign3gk6g.png
I could live with the one shown in GI’s video, but do not like the one in IGN’s.
That being said, both are significantly better than the animation shown in last year’s campaign preview.
(For whatever reason I am not allowed to post links, so I had to insert a space into the URLs with the example pictures.)

I found where they got the idea from. Look up ‘The Price is Right light borders’. lol

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Just had a re-watch of the videos, don’t have a problem with the honeycomb, but the yellow blobs, hell no.
Will see when I actually play, on the up side I’m glad we got full screen back and not that awful helmet view from h5

Hahahahaha this is what the community gets. IMO the first shield effect looked wayyyyyy better than this. This is what happens when you complain about everything.

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