The Shell that is Halo is now

Halo has become nothing more than a shell of it’s former self. 6 years we waited for this game. 6 years for this. They released a game that if I had paid for I would be seeking a refund. This is the most predatory monetization of a game mechanic that from Halo 3 was considered a core mechanic. The gameplay is good when it works. But the serious Desync/lag/netcode/etc issues cause each game to feel like a struggle. Getting blasted round cover where there is no lines of sight.

The fact the dev’s are not communicating with us in any meaningful way but will continue to run the store is a joke. You released a broken product and still want to make money off it.

The Dev’s sit there and lied to us with video’s and forum posts is horrendous. You all understand you were lead astray and made to believe that armor and customization would be the most diverse yet, but upon release it was clear that this is the most limited customization to date. Imagine selling the colour red 3 and I cannot stress this enough THE COLOUR RED 3 SEPERATE TIMES. Colours should be free. They have been in every other Halo. But now colours are just straight £/$ signs to the dev’s. Please if you are buying into the micro transactions stop. There will be no improvements to the game while you are feeding the machine.

Angry rant over.