The secret strategy behind crouch shooters.

Yesterday, I had a match on skirmish on Darkstar. I came up against the same guy three times in 1 v 1s. Each time he was crouching up and down like a pre-emptive teabagging and each time he took one to the head. Every time though I was laughing at how silly he looked as he tried this useless technique. And that’s when it all made sense. He was trying to mess up my shot by causing me to laugh. He messaged me after and accused me of using an aimbot. I think that was an attempt to cover over his strategy of looking silly.

If wondered the same thing. The shooter spasms are hilarious to watch, and I’m wondering if that’s their intent. Or maybe it’s bait, because they know I’ll -Yoink!- them to hell once dead and they’re looking to trade.

I find it funny when people try to use crouch shooting against me when I have a Blaze of glory shotgun.

That strategy can sometimes work if they add in a little strafe with it since a lot of people still have problems with the aiming or they’re not good with their aim.

It depends on who you’re fighting. It does indeed throw some people off, so might as well try it.

i will firstly admit ill use one crouch in certain 1v1s depending on the situation, like my health, if ive already gone against this guy, and to try and throw the guy off, not spamming the button. my fav is jump one way thrust the other. anyways

on that note though i encountered someone this past weekend who maybe did 1 step strafes either way but the whole time was spamming the crouch button, i was confused like wtf is this guy doing lol i mean this dude was literally convulsing nearly in the same spot like it was going to work lol

My friend always tries that when we’re playing Octagon, I find it hilarious. Now I know what that sneaky -Yoink- was up to D:<