The Secret ofHeadlong

Remember the Halo 2 golden warthog search’s? Don’t you guys think maybe 343i put a golden warthog as a gift to the fans? Lets start looking.

I’m gonna have to disagree…especially with all the soft and hard kill-zones limiting exploration…

I think someone said the gold worthog sign is in the remake. but I don’t think they would put a gold warthog in. :[

But yeah, you may set youself up for a wild goose chase if you search for something based on the premise of “wouldn’t it be cool if they put in a _____ in the game”

Although if there is one and you find it then more power to ya!

Well I did notice… If you go to the bottom of the statue overlooking the water and look at the cement walls at the bottom of it between the metal posts, the cement has a triangle shape on both sides. Or maybe an arrow.

Alot of people who get on the whole “secret easter eggs and hidden things” hype will often see average things and think they mean something when they are actually imagining things.

This is often called Pareidolia.

I can’t even count how many times people upload pictures of rocks or walls in halo 3 and say “Look! You can see cortana’s face in this rock if you look hard enough!”

The triangle your talking about is more than likely just a texture to give the environment more of city feel.

Although sometimes there are significance to things you see, just not everything.

So 343i put a GRD doll in Battle Canyon and another easter egg in Penance. You don’t think that they would have more in the other maps?
I think we really got some searchin to do. 343 even stated that they did not hold back with the Easter eggs on Anniversary.