〔 :{❖}:-=- THE SE CLAN -=- :{❖}: 〕

Hello fellow Halo player’s! I would like to invite you to join the Shadow Empire clan, a medium sized clan with around 40-50 members. We are new and have been around since Summer 2011. We enjoy playing with our members, custom games, forge, matchmaking, RP, Machinima’s (Very rarely and is planning to do one but lacking resources) and we are on all the Halo games (Mostly Reach) You don’t need to have a microphone and you can be any age/skill level. To join: Contact the Kaiser of the Empire: Raging Venom, change your emblem, and your Tag thing to: SE… I hope to see you in the clan soon!

〔 :{❖}: )Thanks for reading and please consider joining.〔 :{❖}: )

Alliances: Accepting any clans as allies, just message me and then I’ll accept it simple!

:{❖}=- SE -=:{❖}:

No posts… hmm.

I’ll give you a message. Don’t want a clan that’s too serious though.