The sandbox is perfect for BTB

So maybe a few of you know me already, I complained about the AR being too good last week, the thing is, I think that 343 balanced the whole sandbox for BTB because the sandbox is perfect in BTB, every weapon has it’s purpose and no weapon is OP, AR is good in close quarters but can’t be abused all the time, unlike in 4v4, because the map is huge, so the BR has a spotlight here.

The problem is, for BTB sandbox be perfectlike it is right now, 4v4 is not that balanced and I am in a dilemma, do I want that they balance AR in 4v4? Or do I want BTB to be like it is now.

If it impossible to have both, then I think I prefer that they don’t change anything and let BTB sandbox perfect as it is. Maybe remove AR from starting weapons on 4v4 might be a solution to keep BTB sandbox perfect and 4v4 not being overrun by AR only. I believe this is the final solution, remove AR from starting weapons on 4v4 (but let it be a starting weapon on BTB obviously)