The same reward 3 times

3 times the reward on the weekly challenge… really 343??? the same emblem again and again…



guess we just have to cross our fingers that next week is better – they just returned from their holiday break today, so I would assume they just called it in rewards wise during that time.

Definitely kills my motivation to play though, especially after completing the battle pass. Zero incentive to keep playing lol.

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I’m gonna laugh my -Yoink!- off if next weeks reward is anything other then a piece of armor, and did you guys notice they added a new tab in the store without needing an update to the game? So why it’s on a weekly rotation is entirely to promote people getting on the game each week and day to see what’s being sold, and or that they just don’t have enough stuff in the store to justify having it all be up for sale 24/7, and let’s all be real they plan on reselling all the missing reach armor at some point or another in the store or in a battle pass so that one about them not having enough stuff just ain’t it. I was hoping the reward would be cool because I’d actually have a reason to play this week but guess not.

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Yup I grinded it the first time it showed up, ridiculous they think that emblem is worth grinding 4 times. I’m taking this week off. Hopefully something better next week for Cyber Showdown.

Last week’s reward was worth my time and I was happily playing for the event and that weekly reward.


I don’t get why they do it.

It’s pretty annoying.

By the way I wished, I’d know what the last challenge is before I get there…since it’s the only one I can’t trade


Get 3 double kills. I only know because others have posted about it. I cannot bring myself to go after challenges for bad rewards. On the plus side, no stressing about it.

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Yup that’s another thing I’ve been saying there’s no reason to have the final weekly challenge hidden until you’re at it the way the challenges work is over all shady but it’s hard to pin point what exactly is the problem, my guess would be that it’s the only type of progression in the game (battle passes don’t count) and for that the entire games multiplayer feels pointless to play from a pure “I have a goal, I’m gonna chase it” point of view, if you remember back to reach the challenges enhanced the progression system by giving you small boosts to your level each week, they weren’t the only way to level.

Well eventually that emblem is gonna appear one more time so we can have the complete set…