The Rookie's first words. be creative!

If you could have rookie inject any line into any part of ODST, what would he say and when would that happen?

For me, I would have Rookie say…

Buck: When you fall for a woman, Rookie, make sure she’s got balls…

Rookie: That’s the kind of thing I’d check BEFORE I fell for her…

He must say something like:

  • Uff!
  • Ouch
  • Oh!
  • Agh!
  • Arrgg!

No really, if he talked, he would say something like

-“Oh Boy, where am i now?” - After Dropping from the Say My Name

-“Hey, this helmet looks like a ****, oh wait, it’s Dare’s… Wait… how do i know her name? Wasn’t i sleeping when she came in? How do…”

  • “Oh man! a Sniper Rifle! Checks it out Oh crap, it’s messed up…”

  • “Well, this bird took some damage. Hey! a Camera, Hi mom!”

  • “I’ll get the Gauss!.. Oh wait, this one’s broken. Damn…”

  • “Oh, a broken Bridge… What’s this? Some detonator plate, LET’S PLAY SKIPPING STONES WITH IT, YAY!”

  • “Wow, a Biocanister, i always wondered how this thing tasted…”

  • “Man, this girl doesn’t shut Up! If i get down there, and she’s not hot, there’s going to be Trouble!”

  • “I wonder if this Computer has Skype… oh… just another Audio Log, man, this girl always gets in trouble…”

  • “Why Do i keep having these Flashbacks! Oh My god, I can’t feel my head!”

  • “Man, they should sell Moa Burguers in here, there isn’t any fast food stores to “borrow” from.”

  • “So… this AI… this Superintendent… can’t we just put it on a USB?”

  • “You want to take the Oilfant with Vergil? Alright, i have no problem with that, i feel better with Buck than with the Trash… maybe…”

  • “So… Buck, you say you’re going to act as a Writer in a TV Program after this?”

  • “How can a Scarab get to the Highway like that? They have no respect for the Civilians down here!”

  • “Alright, who got the brilliant idea to wait for Romeo and Mickey at the Zoo? have you ever tried Firefight!?”

  • “Glad that’s over, i’ve just slept like 19 Hours in the Say My Name and after the Drop.”

  • “Who is this guy? Johnie…? John? Oh, Johnson, right… well, he smokes a lot, not even the helmet is helping in here… Cough

  • Checks Johnson on Halopedia Oh… so that’s who he is… Anybody here knows what’s a Halo?”

  • “Well, it’s time for some Vacations. And when i say Vacations, i mean I’m gonna Sleep as much as Always!”

  • “I Once heard a guy say “Wake Me, When You Need Me”. I Say that Always, That’s why i sleep so much!”

Eh… that’s all i have… feel free to add more… :slight_smile:

“For a Spartan dropout, this is a piece of cake”

would be hillarious! xD

“Whose your dddDDAAAADAY?”
“Hey -Yoink–face! SUCK ON THIS ONE TIME!”
“…” roosters weapon Hey, that’s where Rooster Teeth got their name from. Cause it would show up -BLAM- Teeth on the old Bungie forums :wink:

Now that the SIVs are confirmed, I know what Buck and the Rookie have been up to. As for the rest of the squad, I fear their plot armour is not strong enough for them to survive the next encounter.

after buck tells rookie to drive worthog
“Yes sir captain tightpants”


The moment he jumps out of his droppod…


Hey guys, did ya hear my joke? It was hella funny right? Guys, why are you staring at me like that?

Mic was muted, wtf? Fml!