The rollover nav is irritating

The rollover navigation bar is extremely irritating. It opens too readily, obscuring parts of the page when one is switching between browser tags, as if the cursor moves over it for even a moment, it pops open. It’s also way too easy to click part of the nav when one actually wants to click part of the page (for example, switching to a new tab and attempting to click “New Topic” there).

The following edits to the rollover’s functionality would help to alleviate these issues:

a. Instantly close the rollover nav when the window loses focus

b. Instantly close the rollover nav when the always-visible row of buttons is scrolled off-screen

c. Add a short delay (maybe 100ms?) between the time a user hovers and the time the rollover nav opens

It is pretty annoying. I always open it when I don’t want to. And sometimes it takes too long to get it to close again.

Definitely. I’ve found myself hitting Ctrl+Tab to switch between Waypoint tabs to avoid having the rollbar appear when I move my cursor down from the browser tab bar.

Could it possibly be set to where one must click the navbar to have it appear?


I hate to say it but this SITE is so difficult to get around on

Looking at in game stats or trying to link a GAME OMG it is HELL and its slow and u really don’t get much more info out of it vs what u did with HALO 3s style …

I understand 343 isn’t going to change it back for me but it’s something that i dislike about spending time here …

I wish WAYPOINT way Easy to use and simple just like ME