The role of AAs in H4

Sup everyone. I have another new h4 commentary, and this time I wanted to get the community’s input on AAs and their role in Halo 4.

Personally, I only use the jetpack, and the other AAs fall far short to it’s use. I go into more detail in the video below, but basically my point is that I feel like the AAs in this game almost feel like they were put in for entertainment purposes, and not actually meant to give players an unfair advantage. I’m sure you’re thinking of Promethean vision right now, but is it really that useful when radar is in every playlist? This isn’t a complaint topic, just something that I noticed while playing over this past week.

So what are your thoughts. Do you feel like the AAs in this game were put in and evenly balanced by 343, or do you think that some AAs are overpowered and need to be removed? Let me know what you think, and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel if you enjoy the commentary!

Thruster pack: useless if there is sprint.

Camo: I’ve seen people disappear while running with camo on…needs to be consistent. Also, since camo hardly works with AI, why even put it in campaign?

Jetpack: I get why it’s short, but if you hit anything while trying to go up, you stop progressing and only fly sideways, so your one short boost is wasted.

Promethean vision: haven’t used too much since it’s so short. Haven’t seen that great a need for it.

Regen: Works very well if it’s not meant to be exactly like Halo 3 regen… Also, I think that it should disappear when you die like hologram does.

Hologram: works great most of the time, but stops short if you press the button on an object above the path you want it to go (for instances you just want it to keep running).

I agree with most of that except the thruster pack. That thing is so perfect for dodging nades by enablingyou to switch directions quickly