The Rip Offs Just Keep Coming *smh*

So after getting scammed on the Legendary Edition and not getting the DLC to work on all accounts on my xbox (which it clearly states in the terms of service that it would work for all accounts)

So i recover from that even though it is very annoying.

Then, I upload 30 games of double EXP onto my account and i get 4 maybe 5 games of it then it randomly stops working. Restart the xbox still not working wait a day get back on still not working. Has this happened to anyone else?

I guess i stand alone.

But honestly can anyone help me with the dbl exp problem?

All I can you is this. Halo 4 stinks.

enjoy all dem doritos

Yeah I uploaded 15 games today and got maybe 6 games out of it.

> enjoy all dem doritos

Lol, funny.


I already contacted Microsoft about this same issue and what they told me is that there is going to be a title update that will aloud all accounts on the console to receive all pre-order bonuses. After they told me that, I asked “…so when…anytime this year”. The lady then said indeed. She than told me maybe before the month ends

Call the support number on the dewexp site.

You bought a rip-off Limited Edition for a bad game and a crapload of Doritos.

Been a bad month for you man