The revolving door of 343i. Hiring again 2017.

Over the course of halo4s development 343i was still coming together as a studio. When Halo 5 was in the works the company went through major staff changes up to senior level postions. During both games the studio was still finding its feet. As such it lacked the strong leadership and definitive goal of bungie in halo2/3s. Yes H2 had development troubles but never due to lack of a unified aim for the team. Halo 5 in particular feels like the goal swapped sides a couple times and leadership changed hands in campaign. While mulitplayer had a goal bit it wasnt thinking about how it effected the campaign. Halo 3 is a synthesis of every core aspect of halo. Each feature modular and adaptable to the core single/multiplayer experiences. A unified approach with all team leaders happy to combine their efforts. With the constant reshaping of 343i its a worry of mine that the team simply isnt unified enough to deliver the same tier experience as bungie because the team doesnt share a concept of what Halo is at its core. What are the main tennants? Theyve been missing since 4. This is just a place to share thoughts on this topic and discuss the impact of 343i’s real world issues on Halo 6s development. 31 343 Industries jobs in United States (2 new) heres the job listings if interested. And google to see who has been moved around internally to understand the situation in full. Ive tried 4 times to make a poll over the last week or so but it wont work so sorry if this thread is late to the topic

So the thing about the gaming world is that making games is hard work. It’s taxing, it’s stressful, you work long hours, and no matter what you do, people aren’t happy. You pour your heart and soul into a project and end up with people complaining because it’s not what THEY want or they feel entitled to X because Y and why couldn’t you just do that? It’s easy!

The fact of the matter is that after shipping one title, sometimes people want a change of scenery and to work on other things. That’s not inherently wrong and it’s absolutely understandable. Couple that with the fact that we have no idea what the studio’s current structure or state of being is and this just opens things up to become a rumor mill.

The problem with threads like this is that they turn into a witch hunt of “who did what” and that’s absolutely not constructive or helpful in the slightest. We don’t need threads to turn into a flame fest of people because you (general you) didn’t like a particular employee.

You are free to have your own opinions however backseat game developing won’t lead to anything constructive or a meaningful discussion.