The Return of The Yanme'e

Hello everyone.

Now, as you may already now, there had been a lot of talk about the Brutes returning to Halo 4 before any solid information about their appearance in the game was known. That being said, why were the Drones overlooked?

They certainly had a major impact on my Legendary playthroughs of Halo 3 and ODST. Some may argue that because the Covenant orbiting Requiem arrived there before the entirety of the Halo event, and Brutes and Drones were introduced in Halo 2, that it would be very unlucky for them to appear with the Covenant in search of the Didact.

My argument for this is quite simple. The Yanme’e joined the Covenant somewhere around 1100. Fast forward 1400 years and they are still there. So why weren’t they in Halo 4, 343? (Rhetorical).

Please leave any comments or your opinion on this matter. Thank you.

it is because this isnt the covenant. The covenant are done but this strike group is called “Storm” my best guess is the yanme are not part of the storm. They are just bugs that the prophets convinced, but they really had no problem with humans they just wanted nesting areas

as for the brutes, they are fighting a war against Telcam and his clans

If you read the books they explain alot of this :slight_smile:

hope this helps