The Return of Infinity?

From the looks of a beta trailer, halo mp is still following a war games “e sport” tron-like game format to fit within the infinity story logic of multiplayer

do you think its basically been confirmed? and if so do you think they might revisit something LIKE spartops? even though they already said spops isnt returning

The beta trailer reveals Spartans training on some kind of ship, so War Games is pretty much confirmed. I really liked the concept from Halo 4 and am glad to see it return, but hoping it is taken further and executed well.

343 said they had no plans for a Spartan Ops Season 2, but they never denied the possibility of the mode returning in future Halo games. I think they just meant that Spartan Ops would not get a second season on Halo 4.

Even if they are still using the holodeck to justify the existence of multiplayer (as if multiplayer needed justification ¬_¬), I liked that all of the red Spartans had the same two weapons before the match started. Hopefully, this means the return of same starts.

I would think it would be back?

However the MP trailer was definitely not on the infinity as it looked like a big floating arena in space almost like something out of Enders game.

However I feel the infinity is a major plot key that will be sure to come back

Armor abilities are gone, everyone had a pistol or AR leaving spawn and they used the word “Arena”. I think 343 learned from Halo 4. Multiplayer doesn’t need a canon reason to exist but there is also nothing wrong with keeping the simulated war games theme if the overall multiplayer experience is what the fans want.

Im personally okay with the simulation idea

It doesnt effect anything really and just gives us a cool canon backstory to it

What way to better canonize Grifball than by making it a real sport? xD