The return of hunters (halo reach - halo wars 2)

Halo wars 2 hunters are expected to return. It’s the bungie style.

I feel as though you could have just made one thread requesting the original art style instead of splitting it between requesting the OG Grunts, ODSTs, Hunters, etc. With that said, I’d welcome the Halo Wars 2 art style for most things.

Indeed, if not here is the representation below:

It will be the H4 hunters as we saw in the toys. Personally this is the one covenant character I prefer in 343’s style, it looks bulkier, better armored and more menacing.

Indeed, but personally I prefer the hunter of halo wars 2 because it reminds us above all of the bungie style. This hunter comes from halo 2 but with adjustments and you will notice that it is a new design closer to the bungie style.
If the developers put the halo wars 2 hunter, it would perfectly coincide with halo wars 2 in terms of artistic direction.
I hope he will come back.

If desired, the developers of infinite halo can bring back the hunter from halo wars 2 and also those from halo 4.
It will please everyone.