The Return of Asymmetrical Maps! Where can I camp. Reality!

It’s known that something valuable that Halo Infinite is missing from Cod an other FPS games are actually city maps where you can go in buildings an camp… Halo 2 had maps where the opposing team had to utilize power weapons and coordination to overcome a team that held down valuable places on a map or face certain defeat. Symmetrical simplicity ! What about Reality! Reality is not so perfect!! Maps like Havana from Cod Black ops, or Breakout from Halo 2. Luckily it’s not all as perfect as Sanctuary. It would be nice to get some interactive Doors on some multiplayer maps. Halo infinite Forge could use some interactive doors an closed rooms. I’d like nice to make a House or Store an be able to close the place. Where are the closed rooms! Ivory Tower was another well made map that was asymmetrical an had places which clearly offered an occupational advantage. !! Having Maps where camping is actually favored over running an gunning would add to the game play. The maps could use a dash of reality… read as asymmetry. Would like to hear your argument I want to see both camp an non camp heavy maps.


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Pretty sure you can go camp in Fortnite.


Imagine playing this game, one of the fastest and most movement-oriented Halos to date, and thinking to yourself, “I think I’m going to go stand in that corner the entire match.”


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Just play Tactical Slayer. Any spot on the map can be camped with BR.

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We should have both I think! Why simplify Halos PvP we have maps which favor different strategies. Why play in a closed box a variety of Maps is best not just new vistas to look at. I think the maps are good so far aswell The very maps people called bad in the past were the very maps that changed PvP up. I liked the Breakout maps in H5 an they were highly symmetric. Yet I see map variety is something this game has over a chess board. Let’s stress An advantage of eSports over many normal sports. The rules stay the same but the playing fields don’t. Ironically I don’t only play PvP. I’ve been a fan an have played thousands of matches over the years.

I hear you. However, 343 does not make casual maps like Bungie used too. They cater to the 10% of players that are trackable from there data analyst. They see numbers watching events and they think that is what the customers want. They don’t see which players are playing MCC just hoping 343 finally gets what Halo fans have been waiting for. Nor the players that just finish the weekly challenges for one reward but are hoping maybe down the road 343 will wake up and maybe start doing something for the other 90% and put in things like asymmetrical maps, firefight, or invasion. I think Breaker is a good start its just on the small side for BTB. I’d like to see a 4v4 or 5v5 one flag CTF or Assault game on Breaker. I beat it would rival Zanzibar’s fun. Hopeful Forge will help campers…Defenders…I mean defenders because they defend the flag of course! Or even Guardian if your into that…guarding the objective…right?

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Ignoring this post because OP is a camper in an arena shooter and not a sniper shooter game.


One of the interesting things I’ve noticed, over the years, is that the Bungie guys are not always complementary of some of their old maps.

They admit that quite a few of them didn’t work.

I don’t remember which ones exactly… but some of them included maps that I thought at the time were regulars on the “please remake” threads.

i hope you found out which ones and what their problems with it were, because i am interested to know now :stuck_out_tongue:

I find I usually am on the same page with you, Bambo. However, Arena shooters are for everyone. They are supposed to be sandboxes for players to play anyway they want. Even campers. 343 has used other tools to not make Infinite a sandbox. Player outlines for instance have a HUGE advantage to non-stealth players. So that eliminates a large player base. I think the threat sensor and the first flight radar were enough for a good sandbox. Factor in player outlines, lens flare and the new enhanced radar. This sandbox is no longer for everyone is geared towards E-sports.

Distance camping is fine, after all; what is a sniper supposed to do?
I’m talking about those guys who sit in corners of the map that have a couple nooks to hide in where it is all close quarters.
You know, those guys who grab the Shotgun and sit in a corner with them just to get three kills before someone spams grenades or a rocket in the dark corner that the dude is hiding in.

Is lens flare good?
And player outlines are a double edged sword.
You earn Armor Coatings and you obviously want to wear them. But 343 realized that custom paintjobs are only seen in FFA playlists, which not everyone plays.
And so, they added player outlines.
But you know what they SHOULD’VE DONE?
Only apply the bold blue outline to your TEAMMATES and not to the ENEMY.
This would allow for more tense gameplay and ensure that you didn’t shoot your buddies because no one is the same color anymore.

Sadly that is not the case.

I like the idea of the asymmetrical maps but not just for you to camp. You can. Go to the BeTTer Gun BeTtEr plaYEr games (“Cough” COD “Cough”) were camping is cool and you spawn with whaterver you want.

See for the most part, same page. I think the difference here is I think sandbox games should be truly for everyone. Snipers, Run’n’gunners, CQCs, Drivers, Pilots, Slayers, Objective Players, and even Campers or more. I’m don’t even like campers either, but I don’t think it’s good game design or good business to exclude a group of players that do. I’m a Driver BTW. 343’s maps for Drivers suck too.

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Yeah but everyone HATES Campers.
Everyone loves drivers.

Drivers contribute to the team, get us to the objective ASAP, and help the flag-carrier get home without being easily intercepted.
Campers in close quarters are selfish and only help the team by eliminating targets in the small area of the map that they made their tent in.
When there is a camper in a 4v4 it might as well be a 4v3.5 because sure, they might get a couple kills in; but eventually the enemy team will get wise and avoid their hobo-den on the map.


but if they made their tent next to the flag your defending, or the ball holder, they contribute a lot. It all depends

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I’d say that’s different. You’re less camping for kills, and more camping for defense. You’re making sure that no one grabs the objective. Of course, when too many people do it, there’s no point. Same for once they see you, but until then, you’re just defending. Not hiding in a corner for cheap kills.

There is a tactical difference to being a Defensive Anchor and a Camper.

An individual that sits in a dark corner to get cheap kills from players that are moving around the map.

A player who stays near the objective to defend it form aggressors. If all players are Defensive Roamers, then you will likely lose the match every time.

The first is “I got a good gun and I will kill anyone who walks in my hallway” while the other is “We have a flag/ball/bomb/hostage/biohazard container/hill/intel to defend. Let’s keep it out of the enemy hands!”

The first is “I want to ensure my K/D is positive” and the other is “we are to ensure victory”.
One helps only themselves and only helps others by proxy IF some high-value target wanders into their campground.
The other helps the entire team by playing the objective defensively.

And then you have

The act of taking a long-distance rifle and ensuring that enemy players that wander out in the open are smited by high-caliber ammunition. Take two shots and then reposition as the enemy have likely zeroed your location. Two kills & reposition.

Snipers don’t camp as Campers insist on only repositioning upon death.

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Imagine someones complaint about Infinite being not enough places to camp.

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