The rest of the Yoroi armor customization is only in the store. PAY-TO-GET EVENT? WHY!?

In the Fracture Tenrai event, completing the challenges gives us the Yoroi armor core. Is it a free event? No? Then why the rest of the customization of that armor is in the store? Isn’t it supposed to be free? You can get the armor, ok. But why everything else exclusive to that armor is in the store at a huge price?

This event is supposed to be free, why do I have to pay 20 or more dollars for something that is supposed to be free, and even worse, that can only be used on one armor.

I know it’s optional, I know, but if you’re supposed to get something for free from a free event, why does 343 have to monetize it exclusively to that armor core.

Another important thing, approximately 45% of the event rewards are useless challenge swaps and double xp boosts, exactly 16.And the most infamous thing is that there are only 5 different rewards, the armor, the helmet and youkai helmet attachment and the katana and shoulder attachments, the most infamous thing is that 343 is giving you the same emblem in several levels of the game, with the terrible difference that it can only be used in a specific place, that is, one for the armor, one for the emblem, one for the weapon, and for the vehicle, all separately, so only 4 event rewards are worth it?

343 has shown their true intentions, and it’s sad to know that only the campaign could be saved from the cannon fodder.

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