The REQ System is here to stay, for a long time.

So asked I discussed in a previous post (I was unaware that posts that include polls are sent to an entirely different section of the message boards) and I asked a pretty simple question, if Halo 5 was not promised anymore additions beyond regular patches, would it still warrant your purchase? The poll is still active, if you’d like check it out here:

Now that was a pretty subjective topic, and I’m going to try and stay as objective in this post as possible (that means, no 343i cutting content). So to begin, I’d like to start from the very first Halo, as most would when it comes to long storied franchises that have received multiple iterations, the key point for the Halo series is the fact that it has now been split decisively between two studios, the first three numerical titles was the brainchild of Bungie Studios, and the other 3, from Halo 4 – now 5, have all been 343i. The flavor is definitely different and for some, vanilla just doesn’t taste like chocolate and that’s a pretty big deal. A lot of changes came with the new studio, obviously trying to make the franchise their own, so came a new art style, tweaks to game play mechanics, and most notable, RUNNING!

For as much as 343i has tried to turn this franchise into their own, they have in ways, threaded as close as they could with Bungie’s previous installments. So where does that leave us? Well for starters, I’ve seen a lot of “This is the 5th generation of Spartans” and “We’ll its been almost 10 years since the first Halo, things are bound to change.” Yes and yes, however, to a certain extent.

To address the first comment, yes this is the 5th generation of Halo, but it is not necessarily the 5th generation of Halo under the same developer. This could very well be only the 2nd generation of Halo, seeing as it is now in 343i’s hands. Looking through the glass in this manner would than put to rest the consistent argument that Bungie needs to return, well matter of fact, they don’t. 343i is just starting, and I’m not trying to give them any slack, just giving the honest truth. The second comment is much more easily handled, everything evolves with time, and if it doesn’t, then it dies…or it’s friggen the devil or something. Quick and easy.

So what is 343i’s mark? The REQ System, and you can believe this is going to be in the next 3-4 Halo titles as long as 343i is still holding the keys. Unfortunately, as much as it pains me to say this, Halo 5 was the “consequence” of experimentation, no matter how many ways the developers themselves tried to perfect this system, it would still have flaws because of the obvious lack of users (like the current player population, not just beta testers).

The REQ system will continue on in Halo, as stated before, however, it will evolve. If luck had it, we could of possibly been on the “second generation” of the REQ system had they introduced it in Halo 4. What my point is, there is no escape from this.

Yeah, they made $700,000 in the first week, I doubt it’s going anywhere.

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