The Repulser is a game changer in Stockpile

If you find yourself holding a Repulser during Stockpile matches, all of a sudden you have one of the most important roles on the team, and you might not even know it.

You can move the entire pile towards your base at one time with one of the Repulser blasts. I’m talking all 9 cores that spawn in the pile can get blasted 15-25ft (5-8m) toward your base.

It can be really tough to get a point off a pile if the other team gets even a small head start on moving cores towards their base. Hopefully this will help some of you out on this wonky game type and we can have more than two progre in the entire Infinite player base helping out with cores :rofl:

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Instead of improving or getting gud as the kids call it, I’d rather just complain and whine about the new mode because I’m not good at it.

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It’s a very odd mode. As a 20 year Halo vet, normally I can figure out “advanced strategies” for new modes that launch and give me and my team an edge.

Stockpile has a really weird game flow, and seems decided by whichever team has a squad who’s actually dedicated to moving the cores. I haven’t been able to figure out the counter for when a team has 3-4 people sprint-throwing the cores though tbh. It seems like there’s usually just not enough time to stop that if you get sent to the respawn screen even once :thinking:.

I think equipment and the Razorback are the keys to the mode, but I dunno… still figuring it out lol


its basically just CTF but with a lot more flags and contestable.

its fairer in my opinion compared to CTF where someone can just BS a flag cap (using wasp, for example)

I personally think its the best mode to grace Halo in decades, even though people haven’t taken to it yet I have no doubt in my mind that when Halo 7 comes out people will be begging for it to return lol.

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My favorite is loading a bunch of seeds and ppl carrying seeds into a razorback and burning -Yoink!- to the base. So much fun


A razor back fully loaded with cores and core carriers scores a point. It’s kinda crazy you don’t see this being used more

yeah but regular Warthog goes brrr…

Razorback is actually a support type vehicle, so obviously its being slept on for now.

Repulser needs to be more of a plasma brute shot.