The Republic.

The Republic is a Halo community/clan we involve ourselves in multiplayer and clan battles we also cover most of the Halo games for the XBOX 360 and upcoming Halo games(maily we cover Reach as its the newest addition). We also do various things to do with Campaign, Firefight, Custom games, Forge, Theater, hosting many different events for our community.We are also looking into perhaps making Halo movies(its a propsal to be voted on).
We are a community of players to get together and get the most out of our Halo experience, to help eachother out when in need, to be friendly, we just want to be a great and fun community/clan for any who wish to join. We are a millitary based clan also and depending on what you actually want to do as your role in the Republic depends on how much you have to prove to us when you join.

You should head to our website > The RepublicHope to see you join :slight_smile:
Thankyou for reading.