The removal of split screen

Well, games were starting to do it and 343 succombed to social standards. Taking away split screen was a huge mistake, and is probably the igniter in the way they’re going to crash and burn. I’ve played split screen with people all the time. I’ve played split screen every campaign with my brother ever since it came out. Every time the bros get together we have a huge halo match. I’m pretty sure there’s many other people who do that. So why would 343 do this? It’s one of the things that makes halo halo. A lot of people don’t see what’s wrong with it, but anyone who’s played with friends understand that The vibe of the room is different, it’s so much more fun, there’s more laughing. 343 should bring split screen back, otherwise they’re gonna lose more customers than they think they will.

Go to and sign their petition to bring back split screen

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