The remaining specializations?

I was wondering about the remaining specializations’ mods do we know if they are Tactical Packages or Support Upgrades? I did not see Stealth armor mod, Drop Recon armor mod, and Nemesis armor mod in the gameplay in the recent builds.

Tactical Package :

Mobility : allows unlimited sprint.
Shielding : speeds up armor’s energy shield recharge rate.
Resupply : allows the recovery of grenades from fallen allies and foes.
AA Efficiency : Increases the rate at which energy recharges for Armor Abilities.
Grenadier : Increases grenade carrying capacity.
Firepower : allows the use of a primary weapon in the secondary weapon slot.
Fast Track : allows user to advance quicker in rank.
Requisition : lets the player request new choices when an ordnance is granted.
Wheelman : increases the long term durability of your vehicle as well as how it reacts to EMP Charges.

Support Upgrade :

Stability : steadies your weapon while being struck by incoming fire.
Ammo : increases the ammunition capacity for both starting weapons and ordnance drops.
Dexterity : speeds up reloads and weapon swapping.
Sensor : increases motion sensor range.
Awareness : allows the use of motion sensors while using a scope.
Explosives : increases blast radius and decreases grenade damage received.
Ordnance Priority : Offers more frequent ordnance drops to user.
Gunner : Increases how long a mounted weapon before overheating as well as movement speed with detached turrets.

I would guess that all 3 are tactical packages. The theme seems to be that tactical packages affect armor, while support upgrades affect your equipment and such: weapons, vehicles, grenades, etc.

I would agree (and thanks for clearing up if mobitly was a tactial or a support some websites had it both :D)

I thought I saw Nemesis as a Support somewhere, but now I cant find it. It sounds like a support ability for someone who is not doing so hot. I think that Stealth is a Tactical, and Drop Recon is a support that way both Support and Tactical have the same amount of options.(10)