The Reign Of Shadows Recruitment

So, are you looking to join your fellow friends in the Shadows? Well you must go through a series of test.
#1. Orientation.
You must pass this without failing. You will be asked a series of questions and you will have to answer them truthfully. Then after that you must complete a training. this training is easy for some but difficult for others.

#2. Boot Camp
Welcome to boot camp maggot! You will be put through hard ships and you will be trained… a lot. This is a 960 hours training that you must complete before joining. (If you log off the timer starts and it will continue when you continue… where nit going to make you start all over… were not that cruel) If you pass Congrats! If you fail… well… you have 2 more attempts.

Well that that. If you have anymore questions about the clan, visit our page and join our discord channel for more further depth of a question and answer series.

See you around…