The Reclamation Map Pack

Hallo and good morning,afternoon,evening,night or whatever the hell! I am making a forge map pack on halo 4 called The Reclamation Map Pack. Six maps built by me The Mayft, Hedgehog96 and Shakey Batman. Three small map’s. New laity, inspired by new Mombasa in halo 2, Broadcast which is small but extremely fast pace, and Arisen, by the way arisen is a Ascension (Pinnacle) Re-Vamp =D. There are also two medium map’s and one big map. However to see these and learn more you will have to visit my youtube —>
Also I am looking to start a community as well. Forger’s, Troll’s, Hardcore, Casual, Noobie whatever we accept anyone. Please send me a message on XBL-------------------------> The Mayft and good day to all of you.
P.S. 343 I have faith in you =D have faith in me!