The reason why i still dont buy an armor set

Its not because i cant afford it, its because i expect much more from an armor set, that costs 13 Euro.

Thats what i expect from an armor set, that would cost me 13 Euro:

  • full color customization, not a preset color scheme that i cant customize
  • different skins for the armor set
  • armor set skin “polished surface”
  • armor set skin “battlefield” with scars, dirt
  • armor set skin “old” with rust, defective components

Thats what i expect for 13 Euro.
I would buy such armor sets.


Yea we don’t get enough value imo for the armor set bundles so far. I’d be willing to buy as well but need more value if you’re going to charge me that much.


I understand that cross core is not possible, because the infinite armor was not designed to support cross core. But there is no excuse why its not possible to fully customize the color scheme of an armor set that i payed.


I’m one of the couple of people who didn’t buy anything in HI.


AI Bots have cross-core, and 343 has noted that they are working on cross-core especially for coating, visors, and canon armor cores (Such as Mark VII to Mark V, Rakshasa, etc).

There seem to be some systems in place but 343 has to iron out some little details and make it available to the players.


I respect that. I bought only the 2 battle pass (Season 1 and Season 2).

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One or two armor sets I considered buying until I found out they couldn’t be customised. Like I understand why they sell them as a set but at this stage so many players just look the same even if it’s shop bought.


Thanks for the info. Good to know they are working on that.
Just hope 343 will also allow customizable color scheme.


Exactly, in halo5 i had a lot armor combination and custom color scheme. This way i could personalize my armor. Use my preferred colors. Our Halo 5 spartan company used the same color scheme.

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I’d say the vast majority never bought anything for the game, since it’s broken.

It’s just a lot of the F2Ps only play during events now.

Good to know! Thanks for sharing.

Me too.

*Customizable coating scheme

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Chad right here, I wish I wasn’t optimistic enough to buy the season 1 battle pass

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Yeah, I’m refusing to purchase anything in store. In past Halo games we never had to pay for colors. We also didn’t have to spend money on pieces of armor. Back then, we had a lot more freedom to customize our Spartans without having to pay. It was all earned.


I would love to customize the cleanliness/surface of the armor, one of my favorites has like a CRAZY amount of dirt on it and it looks awful to me. I really hope they add this sort of selection in. The lack of customization is driving me crazy and also driving me back into the arms of MCC lmao

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Hey OP, just so you know, armor in this game is useless. None of it does anything and as such has zero value. Don’t waste your time and/or money on it!

I know that we are talking about cosmetics, nothing else. I know that the hitbox remains the same, that i dont get stronger shield or something else.
Point is, lot of people like to personalize their character.
In previous halo title you had much more freedom to customize your appearance. Im missing the customizing options previous halo titles.
With this topic im telling 343 why i dont buy cosmetics from the shop. What im expecting from an armor set that i have to pay for.
It maybe that 343 doesnt read this topic. But im pretty sure, that im not the only one missing the option to customize the color scheme.

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This is an ignorant statement.

The point of his comment is that there’s no excuse for why it wasn’t allowed for players when it’s clear that bots have the capability. He also wanted to make it clear that cross-core is inherently possible. So many people have the perception that it wasn’t possible, like yourself, that people like you blew it off as a limitation rather than an anti-consumer monetization choice.

Personally I won’t buy any armor sets until 343i gives us Forge, Custom Games area gets fixed and a Custom Game Browser that works!

People liked to customize their Spartan in past Halo games because in past Halo games, the armor actually meant something. The only armor in this game that isn’t earned with your wallet are the extremely limited fracture cores, which honestly suck. I speak for a vast majority of people that they don’t think Halo Infinite’s armor is worth anything. In Halo 3-4, a majority of armor had a purpose and therefore people actually cared about it.

Is it a mystery why Halo 5 had the most people -Yoink!- about the armor than any other game? And now that laurel is worn by Halo Infinite? The armors are useless and purposeless. Why should I care is someone spent 10 bucks in some dumb animated fire jpeg that covers their head? Or a dumb Halo ring over the head.

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