The reason why Halo 5 campaign was short

The only reason Halo 5 campaign took one day to finish is because of 1. Spartan abilities 2. Revive mechanism 3. The game shows everything of what you have to do.
Halo Combat Evolved for example (Halo 5 is actually a step back before Halo CE for me personally) has no spartan abilities, no revive mechanism and it’s only Cortana that are telling you what to do. It should be that way. People think change is good, but I think Halo 5 would be awesome with Halo CE mechanics. It would really feel like Halo. Change is OK, in graphics but the game mechanics Halo started with needs to stay because that’s what made Halos name big. The slow FPS was so strategic and required skills and much gaming. Now when we have spartan abilities, revive and points telling us where to go, the game just gets boring af so fast. Fast FPS = Fast cutdown on community and it gets boring af.
Halo needs to be slow and strategic. In that way Halo won’t die out. Seriously, people still play Halo CE after 10 f*cking years and people say we need change? -Yoink!-. Graphics can change and we can get new weapons and new maps but changing Halos game mechanics? Huge mistake if you ask me. Pokemon is even more fun to play than Halo 5 when you play much as I do

It was also because the story was cut in half with the second half being moved to halo 6 (kinda like what happened with halo 2 & 3)

Whats wrong with Pokemon?