The reason the game is in the state that it's in

Anyone who has beat the campaign and sat through the credits can tell you, the game is how it is because nearly it’s entire development was outsourced to 3rd party studios. The game that we ended up with is a layer cake of features piled on each other by different studios with their own methods and their own specific tasks.

Was this a poor decision by 343? Absolutely. Is it the fault of the current devs tasked to fix the abomination that was spawned from such mismanagement? No.

Be nice to the devs, guys :slight_smile:

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It is completely normal for development of games to have parts of it out sourced, especially when you do not have the talent in house. Most game credits now have a mammoth list of 3rd party developers.

Outsourcing had nothing to to do with the absurd amount of unnecessary changes, and the very poor state the game is in.

343 had eveything they needed from previous titles and feedback over the years to work with. They are responsible for what has taken place.