The REASON Halo 4 Is So Bad

Many of you understand what makes halo 4 so bad, and i don’t want to dive to much into that. The thing I want to bring to light is why these bad things are in the game. Why such obviously terrible ideas made it to launch, and continue to exist. Why the game launched with a terribly hindered custom games, and such a horribly hindered match-making. Why the game would launch without a working file share. Why the game would launch with out a ranking system to appease competitive players.

I blame Call of Duty.

Actually, it’s because of call of duty, but not really it’s fault, if that makes any sense. It is more specifically due to COD’s popularity that 343i felt the need to speed up production on the game to beat out call of duty’s launch. They did this, hoping to attract more players, and maybe it did. However it is due to this that the game’s production missed a crucial phase where the community could tell them how bad the game is so that they could fix it, this is called beta. Sound familiar? That’s because we are in the beta we didn’t have a chance to participated in before the launch, now.

I know what your thinking, " But that doesn’t explain why they changed halo to be so bad in the first place…"

Still, i partially blame call of duty.

Again it is due to the popularity of COD that 343i felt the need to implement features that work wonderfully in call of duty, to Halo.
This is why we have all these things that we have never seen in any halo before…

Instant re-spawn(causes big maps like in COD)
Join in progress
Default Sprint (Causes big maps like in COD)
Customize-able classes/ load-outs
(personal) Ordinance
kill cams
Armor skins and weapon skins
Perks ( some of which are copied and pasted from cod)
The inability to play multiple game types in a playlist (except in DLC)

I’m sure their are more, but this is just off the top of my head. List below if you can think of any more.
You can find all of these things in COD, while they may or may not have originated there, 343i ripped them from call of duty because it is so popular, in call of duty.

Problem is, all of these things work in call of duty, not in halo.


You suck…

care to elaborate?

I like Halo 4.
I blame the community for the changes. First off Betrayal booting is because people betrayed for fun and to steal power weapons, community complained. Quit ban because people quit out and leave teammates against a full team, people complained.also the JOS is a result of quitting. People getting in front of sniper fire, so people betray them, so they can get sniper. so they took away friendly fire.
People complained about bland starting so they added armor abilities. People complained about armor lock, so they got rid of it and made the shield ability. People complained about vehicle strength so they gave us plasma pistols at start. People hated bloom so they got rid of it. All I’m saying is all the things people complain about are a result of community complaints in the first place.

I understand some of what you are saying, but how does join in progress cause problems again?

I absolutely hated the tool bags that left games early in Reach because they weren’t steam rolling, leaving 1 vs 7 in a big team (for example) game.

I love that when a game starts and people DC or quit (not sure why they quit at the start…) it instantly is refilled and you dont end up screwed. Most of what you listed has been found in online FPSs for years before COD was an online giant. (I know you stated this).

I doubt the reasoning is “rushed release” to compete with a swiftly released multi-platform game. COD is very popular because it fills a niche and isn’t console exclusive. Halo is by far more refined and varied gameplay and offers so many different playstyles that the games are barely comparable.

The game is just fine, its just needing some weapon balance tweeks and more variety of play lists and forge needs to be more robust.

Please, no Halo/CoD comparison threads. They may have good intentions, but all have the same inevitable outcome. As such, I’m locking this.

People hate joining a losing game. I personally don’t mind JOS.