The reason for the campaign distribution!

Alright, this is my take on the vision for the future of Halo. The ground work is being laid in the Halo 5 campaign. This is not a story spoiler, just a mission distribution for the characters, so turn back now if you don’t want anything!

With 12 missions for Osiris team and 3 Missions for Blue team, you will be playing as Locke a lot. My reasoning for this, is the desire to move Halo beyond the Chief. Star Wars is not Luke Skywalker. It’s not Anakin Skywalker. It’s not Han Solo. It’s a universe with many characters that we are invested in. 343 is trying to create a larger universe. The first step is to give us more characters to relate to. Putting Buck on Osiris team gives us a face and character we recognize while we grow accustom to the 3 new ones we play as and are surrounded by. As we bond with them, we will also take in more fiction and story of the greater Halo universe. Obviously, the Chief’s story has to have an end. It had a beginning. For him to be a truly great character that lives in this universe, he can not be reinvented and changed like Batman or Mario. He has to be a “real” person in this universe. He has to live, achieve, fail, learn, and ultimately, end. At this point, if the Chief ends, the franchise does. But if we build this universe beyond him, we will have many more great stories and experiences to enjoy. We will have more characters to believe in and relate to. So while I was awestruck and in disbelief when I saw the mission count between the two, once I had time to have it sink in, I am actually excited and okay with it!

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