The reason for Beta status

Yeh know the feeling. I’ve been playing ever since the 1st Halo game on the original xbox but wasn’t my 1st xbox game since came with Jet Set Radio but soon as I got Halo 1 I was hooked and I’ve been playing Halo games ever since. Currently sometimes my best friend keeps telling me off jokely for taking too long with other games due to Halo taking a lot of my time. :laughing:

It’s just a shame that Infinite is the first Halo where I just don’t feel like playing after barely a couple of days due to the greedy premium battle pass and that I personally find depressing. :disappointed:

Anyway I’m sure the general dev’s are listening but I think the problem is if the higher ups care enough to act on them and that’s concerning. :thinking:

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@pugwash1 Agreed. Mob mentality does nothing to organize the overall thoughts and ideas of a group who want change. All its does is throw more fuel on a fire that shouldnt have been started in the first place. The best way to go about something like this is to organize everything in one place with feedback that the developers can actually use rather everyone screaming at them “I DONT LIKE THIS FOR REASONS!!” lol im sorry I couldnt type that out without hearing Steave Carrells voice from Anchorman.

We will see on launch day. I used to think Halo wouldn’t be apart of this nonsense model or practice. But I’m proven wrong. But as it stands, this thing is leaning more as a disappointment.

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I just wish we could get it but have be helpful which is harder to pull off but we ain’t giving up this fight despite how we say it both sides want the same thing infinite to succeed however going with just negatives is gonna crash and burn sooner and those that think this way have to realize they aren’t helping but rather hurting

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@ronnie42 Thats awesome. And for the record Jet Set was so damn amazing. I still have the soundtrack for that game. And feeling the burnout is completely normal. We were promised things and were all so excited when the game dropped early only to find that you have to grind the battle pass harder than an old hispanic lady making masa from old corn in a mortar and pestle. It sucks. But if it helps, when I jump on I focus on just the games. If a finish a daily then cool! If not then meh! I have more fun playing with people than anything else. If it gets too sweaty then I jump into bot matches and just enjoy the chance to -Yoink!- kick them for a bit. Silver lining my friend, Silver lining.

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@pugwash1 agreed to all points

@ReturninWarrior We all hope that our favorite games wont fall off the tried and true path and succumb to heavy monetization tactics. On the pod cast that I have, we have actually had a number of conversations about things like this. But unfortunately in the age were in, it all comes down to how much can be made fans. But!! Theres a significant difference I believe in this argument.

Side A: How much money can we make by forcing the players to pay for as much as possible without ruining the overall core gameplay.

Side B: What can we offer the players to have them want to put in the time into our game to obtain the items in questions, or if given the option, to pay for it and have them feel as though they have just paid of something that they see a value in.

Unfortunately we are currently on Side A. Be that if it was done accidently or on purpose. We dont have those answers. Their is however the opportunity for the development team to flip to the other side as long as the team leads believe that it will better benefit the overall game and the longevity of the profits in the overall lifespan of the game.

Most if not all company’s would rather make a more substantial amount of money over the course of say five years. Rather than making a decent amount of money quickly then their gaming dyeing in less than a year.

Does this make it right or better?! Not even a little bit. Ive never been a fan of any form of monetization. Even DLC. As much as i hated it, I understood the more or less “need” of it for a game to add content, and continue to grow therefore adding to its overall lifespan. Assuming the paid content is meaningful.

I just hope that they fix this within a timely manner to keep the game alive because at its core it really is am amazing game thats a ton of fun to play. But something does need to be done. Or they run the risk of a dead game before the six month benchmark.

okay, that would explain the long time, i don’t imagine desining a new engine is easy. but even then… that would leave at least 1-3 years… Reach had a year if not less between it and ODST, and that came out better than infinite did. also surely when designing a new engine, you’d understand the engine, all the ins and outs of it to use it to make things quicker?

i’d imagine porting over a game meant for pc over to a current gen console and a last gen console ain’t easy, especially with the limits said console has… explains the terrible optimization… 30 fps in the main menu is inexcusable, on a relativaly good computer…

agreed, the BP needs a overhaul, at least with what is free… i mean you don’t really get a whole lot if you don’t pay… also, yeah, totally agreed on that! armor coatings should be like patterns for whatever colors the player chooses, or like matterials to make the colors seem let’s say more rusted or maybe more glossy. i’d be fine with that

exactly! that’s what this game is soarly lacking… a reason for the players to return. i mean, yeah the event, but even that sucks… honestly i’m just grabbing the armor core and not continuing the rest of it. and there’s also what you get for completing all of the weekly challenges… but it’s either a visor color (again) or a armor coating, underwhelming and not worth it

on the topic of customization, armor cores and armor kits.
cores i can see working if they make everything universal with the cores, be it coatings and armors. but also make them less of limitations, and more as presets. like for example… i’m one for changing my armor a lot in halo games. so away to bounce between armor that i have saved would be a nice save of time. think like how TF2 has it’s customization in 4 presets for the player (i know it’s because of a loadout, but i’m focusing on the customization aspect as an example) as for the armor kits… why are they a thing? honestly i’ve yet to see the purpose of their inclusion. sure i can make my spartan look like some iconic spartan… but i can already do that given the armor pieces. i guess it’s a form of preset armor that i was talking about… but kinda pointless since you can’t change it. i’d say make both of these armor presets… but then that would be redundant

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I completly agree on all fronts. Except for the multiple sets being redundant. If a player had the options to mix and match armor pieces, visors, color pallets, and more through an overall armory system. them players could make a set of armor and save it into one of three presets. I actually just finished making a post for all of this. If you want to please feel free to go and leave your thoughts. But There are so many things they could do here. And like you, I change my armor a lot depending or how im feeling at the time. And being force limited to use certain things with certain cores bothers me a lot. As far as the comments on knowing what the in-house engine can do. I agree with that as well. But it is a little more than that. I always describe game engines to cooking. You have a box full of ingredients. You know what they can do and what they can make. But your not quite sure on how to actually make said things. so it takes trial and error.

Again please dont mistake this as me making excuses for 343. Im just going off of the knowledge that I have personally. Should they have been able to release a true quality game out of the gate?

Should they have done research within the game industry to see how battle passes were received, as well as ideas for things that should be in a battle pass to use as an overall guideline?

Are there core systems missing from Halo: Infinite that should have been in without a shadow of a doubt, like matchmaking playlists, a progression system, an easier custom matchmaking system, a better theater mode.

But the fact is that these are not the case. Im personally hoping that once they get back from their break, that at least some of the changes are easy enough to fix so that they can be implemented quickly without causing issues in other parts of the game. But in all honesty I dont know. I feel like a big part on why the battle pass is the way it is currently is just an overall lack on knowledge on how these things are supposed to work along with a lack of content. But again I dont know.

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well i wasn’t saying the multiple sets being redundant. i was just saying having both armor cores and armor kits would be redundant. if anything, having the armor cores would be the main presets. that is of course if they make all the armor pieces universal for the armor cores. BUT if they do keep the current system, what with armor cores being limited, it would be nice for the kits to also be presets… for as annoying as it would be. having to go into another menu to select one of the armor presets you made for that core… but nice non the less.

i like your analogy with devolopement and cooking. just because you have and understand the tools, doesn’t mean you know what to make with said tools. also… even if they didn’t do research on how people feel on certain BPs, or the core aspects of Halo (for whatever reason) surely it would be common knowlage to say ‘ah… i don’t think making 3/4ths of the free BP challenge swaps is a good idea, nor making 3-4 different visors that are just the same color’ but being said… i think in a recent stream with the 343 dev team, one of the members mentioned that the team knew that what was in the game is a bad idea, yet the higher ups had them do it anyways. so if that’s the case… then we can’t really blame 343, more microsoft or whatever higher up at 343i who told and forced the devs to implement these features. though take that with a grain of salt as my memory isn’t at all the best.

and i hope the same, hopefully they’l understand the out cries of what players want in a halo game and at the very least make slight bandage fixes that’l reassure players. whiles also working on the bigger and more important stuff, like being able to select a gamemode instead of it being random. but also, most importantly, communicate with the community. explain what the game plan is. even if briefly. reassurance is what the halo community kinda needs right now. even if most things will be post launch… because of course

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The developers have literally said to continue voicing our feedback with regards to the game; for better or worse, negative or positive, everything we have to say helps have an impact on the game. That doesn’t necessarily mean every voice is heard, but saying nothing, changes nothing. Saying something, could change everything.

@KevChaos86 Well said. we cannot automatically assume that that they are not listening to the things we say. I mean in all fairness Halo fans are making enough noise to raise the didac from the dead. Whats important is that as you said, we voice our concerns no matter how small and hope for the best.

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Personally it isn’t really important to me how long the updates take, I just wish they’d acknowledge the problems and confirm that they are actually going to do something about them. Many of the biggest issues don’t require an overhaul; the tiny radar problem, the friendly fire problem, the collisions problem, the shield recharge delay problem… these are all just settings that need to be tweaked or numbers that need to be adjusted.

Now the vehicle physics, server tick rate, customization/progressions system, etc. that stuff needs some time and I don’t mind waiting for it. I just want to see the simple, core gameplay fixes done quickly since they are ultimately quick fixes.

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Agreed. Im in this game for the long haul. But as a fan I would like to see something more than “we hear you and we will be working on it”. I understand that its during the holiday season and things are crazy. But once things calm down a little bit. I would like to get a response telling us that they do hear us, then the things they are currently looking into. I dont expect everything to be fixed right away. Thats unrealistic. But more specified updates would be nice to see.